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Establishment of the Ozone Unit

Co-ordinating all actions identified in the national phase-out plan and monitoring their implementation; co-ordinating all activities of RMP project; developing a monitoring system for ODS imports in order to comply with reporting requirements of the Montreal Protocol and tracking progress of ODS phase-out; establishing a legal and regulatory system (including a licensing system for ODS import and use, imposing custom taxes on ODS, certifying refrigeration technicians, banning imports of equipment using or containing ODS); developing and introducing relevant regulatory acts and a quota system for control of imports of ODS; developing public awareness campaigns and awareness raising activities; providing training to governmental authorities NGOs and representatives from the business sector on general issues of the protection of the ozone layer; reporting annually to both the Multilateral Fund Secretariat and Ozone Secretariat on the ODS consumption.
Country: Albania
Network: Europe and Central Asia
Project Type: Institutional strengthening
Sector: Several
Sub-sector: Ozone unit support
Approval / start date: 12/1/2001
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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