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Refrigeration servicing sector CFC phase-out plan (revised 2005 annual implementation programme)

The Government requested the transfer to UNEP of $450,000 from the already approved first tranche for UNIDO to carry out various activities in areas where China finds a competitive advantage in obtaining UNEPís assistance. The proposed activities include designing training materials ; setting-up a national training center (provide recovery and recycling equipments and refrigerant identifiers for training; 2 workshops for the training of trainers; 24 workshops for 360 to 480 technicians from vehicle disposal stations; and setting-up of four regional training centers and carry out 40 to 50 workshops for total 600 to 1,000 technicians.
Country: China
Network: South Asia
Project Type: Technical assistance
Sector: Refrigeration
Sub-sector: Refrigerant management plan
Approval / start date: 4/1/2005
Status: Ongoing
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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