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Technical assistance project to install alternatives, achieve compliance and phase-out methyl bromide

MB is mainly used for fumigation of mills, stored cereal grains and pulses, ships, buildings and artifacts. It proposes to completely phase-out all MB used by facilitating transfer of existing alternatives from other countries and piloting them if necessary, conducting training programmes in alternatives for fumigators and other MB users, and training Customs officials to ensure the control of MB at the borders. The alternative technologies proposed are phosphine, sulfuryl fluoride and ethyl formate. Sulfuryl fluoride and ethyl formate are not yet registered, however consultation with industry and relevant authorities at the project preparation stage indicated that the registration process should be straightforward. It also includes development of a policy package (jointly implemented with UNDP).
Country: Fiji
Network: SEAP
Project Type: Technical assistance
Sector: Fumigant
Sub-sector: Methyl bromide
Approval / start date: 11/1/2005
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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