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Country programme preparation

The Government’s strategy will be based on development and implementation of control measures, public awareness campaigns and training activities. Legislation will be put in place and enactment texts will be defined, where necessary, to inter alia prohibit imports of ODS using equipment, prohibit new enterprises producing and/or assembling equipment, foams, or aerosols using ODS, establish ODS taxes, import quotas and licenses, prohibit expansion of existing industry requiring use of ODS technology, reduce import tariffs on equipment using ODS free technology. It will also provide training to Customs Department and Bureau of Statistics staff for monitoring and collection of data to meet the reporting requirements of the Protocol, and implementing a recovery and recycling project once legislation and economic instruments are put in place.
Country: Guyana
Network: LAC Caribbean
Project Type: Country programme preparation
Sector: Several
Sub-sector: Country programme/country survey
Approval / start date: 7/1/1995
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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