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Country programme preparation

The Government’s strategy is aimed at keeping the large stock of existing ODS based equipment to the extent possible until the end of its useful life. The Government will formulate appropriate legislation and control measures to sensitizing and creating awareness among the users of ODSs; consider financial incentives and/or disincentives as long as they do not impose a significant burden on the exchequer to promote phase out, including a ban on imports of ODS based refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment by end 1999, a scheme for certifying and labeling refrigerators and commercial refrigeration equipment as low ODS / ODS free, disseminating information on drop-in low ODP blends/ zero ODP substances for servicing ODS based refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, encouraging recharge of ODS based domestic refrigerators and commercial refrigeration equipment by using ODS substitutes from 2004 (or earlier if commercially available).
Country: Myanmar
Network: SEAP
Project Type: Country programme preparation
Sector: Several
Sub-sector: Country programme/country survey
Approval / start date: 3/1/1994
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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