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Implementation of the RMP: demonstration and training project for the use of hydrocarbons as refrigerants

To provide technical information and necessary training to enable the use of hydrocarbon technology in the different refrigeration sectors, particularly in domestic and small commercial refrigeration units. A training course for refrigeration technicians, representatives from educational and training institutions and relevant Government officials will participate to ensure that the training can be sustained as part of the future technical refrigeration training in Uruguay. Conversion from CFC-12 to hydrocarbon refrigerant of domestic refrigerators, freezers, displays and milk tanks to hydrocarbon technology will be demonstrated. (the equipment will be monitored for performance by the technicians in the "Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay" and the results will be disseminated through UNEP’s information clearinghouse). If the evaluation of the demonstration project is positive, the Ministry of the Environment will take actions to assure availability of hydrocarbons at a reasonable price. Contacts with refrigerant distributors, the National Agency for Petroleum Refinement and Fuels and the Ministry of Industry will work together to implement this technology.
Country: Uruguay
Network: LAC South America
Project Type: Technical assistance
Sector: Refrigeration
Sub-sector: Refrigerant management plan
Approval / start date: 7/1/2001
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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