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Implementation of the RMP: train the trainer programme in the refrigeration servicing sector

The training course will have the following outcomes: strategies and practices to be implemented in order to minimize emissions of ODS, including during storage, handling, reclaiming and decanting; demonstration of ODS recovery and instructions on the use of such equipment; training in procedures to decommission old units; reduction of CFC consumption due to leaks and poor practices; training of refrigeration technicians on good practices; awareness of new refrigerants and their characteristics; procedures necessary for the conversion of existing systems to non ODS refrigerants including performance testing, oil testing, leak detection, evacuation and servicing will be explained; and practical activities to converting and retrofitting existing ODS-based refrigeration and air conditioning systems to non-ODS systems.
Country: Vietnam
Network: SEAP
Project Type: Training
Sector: Refrigeration
Sub-sector: Refrigerant management plan
Approval / start date: 7/1/2001
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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