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Media Coverage Pre-Post 2007 Montreal Meeting

NewsThe media coverage related to the 2007 International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer; The Montreal Protocol 20th Anniversary Celebrations and the 19th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, including the decision on the accelerated phase out of HCFCs for developing countries, was very important worldwide.

UNEP DTIE OzonAction and its partners are developing a comprehensive list of articles, press releases, etc... to make available an overview of national, regional and international press/media coverage that reflects the interest of the global community in the success of the Montreal Protocol, the ozone layer protection and the historical decision taken by more than 191 countries present in Montreal 13-21 September 2007.

We would like to include news stories from all regions and in as many different languages as possible.

Let us know if you have any additional news articles, press releases and other media reports about these events - including the source and the url - that we can add to the list.

This compilation would serve as an archive for future reference

Please send any suggestions to samira.degobert@unep.org

Thank you!

To read the articles >>> (as of 25 Sep 2007)


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