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Staff contacts

 Name Jérémy Boubié Bazyé
 Position Regional Officer (Networking)
 Telephone +254 20 7624281
 Fax +254 20 7623165
 Email Jeremy.Bazye@unep.org
 Office UNEP Regional Office for Africa (ROA)
 Address Room X231
PO Box 30552

Mr Jérémy Boubié Bazyé a national of Burkina Faso holds a MSc degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Jussieu (Paris7, France) and a BSc degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Savoie (Chambéry, France). Mr. Bazyé joined UNEP OzonAction Programme in 1996 and was posted to the Regional Office for Africa as a regional co-ordinator for the Africa region ODS Officers Network (ODSONET/AF). His activities include facilitating exchange of experience among Ozone Officers in the Africa region through the organization of regular meetings of the network and other regional and subregional workshops on the phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and also through the internet. Before joining UNEP Mr. Bazyé held the position of Director of Pollution and Nuisance Control in the Ministry of Environment of Burkina Faso. He also held the function of Ozone Officer for his country.