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Staff contacts

 Name Pattra Mahattanawongwarn
 Position Programme Assistant
 Telephone +66 2 288 2080
 Fax +66 2 280 3041
 Email patra.mahattanawongwarn@unep.org
 Office UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP)
 Address United Nations Building
Rajdamnern Nok Avenue
Bangkok 10200

Pattra Mahattanawongwarn (Len) is a Thai national with more than seven years experience working with the UNEP/ROAP, Bangkok Office. Before joining UNEP, she worked for 5 years as the Secretary to the Regional Coordinator of Habitat. After the Habitat office was closed in Bangkok, she assisted th Environmental Affairs Officer and subsequently transfered to the SIDA post working with Dr. Thanavat Junchaya, Regional Network Coordinator up to the present.