UNEP DTIE OzonAction BranchOzonAction Programme

Staff contacts

 Name Patrick Salifu
 Position Programme Officer (Policy and Enforcement)
 Telephone +254 20 762 3956
 Fax +254 20 762 3165
 Email Patrick.Salifu@unep.org
 Office UNEP Regional Office for Africa (ROA)
 Address Room X231
PO Box 30552

A Malawian national with an MSc degree in Environmental Sciences and BSc degree in Agriculture both obtained from the University of Malawi. Mr Salifu joined UNEP OzonAction Programme in 2002 as a Programme Officer for Policy and Enforcement for Regional Office of Africa. Before joining UNEP, he held a position of Principal Environmental Officer in the Department of Environmental Affairs in Malawi working on a wide range of environmental areas such as Biosafsty, POPs, Biodiversity and was performing the functions of the ozone officer for his country. His activities as Policy Enforcement Officer include management of UNEPís policy and technical assistance activities in the region. He co-ordinates the development,review and enforcement of ODS related policies and legislations, manage the implementation of specific country approved ODS related policy and technical assistance projects and report on the implementation of the Compliance Assistance Programme in the African region.