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Staff contacts

 Name Rajendra Shende
 Position Head of DTIE Energy and OzonAction Branch
 Telephone +33 1 4437 1459
 Fax +33 1 4437 1474
 Email rajendra.shende@unep.org
 Office UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (PARIS)
 Address 15 rue de Milan
75441 Paris Cedex 09

Mr. Rajendra Shende is a Chemical Engineer graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. After extensive and varied corporate business experience that included mainstreaming of cleaner production, environmental impact assessment, energy efficiency and renewable energy in the manufacturing processes. After a stint at corporate management level, he joined the international programme at UNEP DTIE in Paris in 1992. He had lead the task force of Indian Government that decided the strategy for India in negotiating the Montreal Protocol and negotiating the establishment of the Multilateral Fund to assist the developing countries.

He is a policy advisor to the developing countries and countries with economies in transition in implementing the Montreal Protocol. He is expert on international technology transfer and technology cooperation to deploy the environment friendly technologies. He helped build the OzonAction Programme from its fledgling phase to its present global reach. Under his guidance, OzonAction has been strategically reoriented in 2002 into a uniquely regionalised Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) that now consists of a strong team in Paris and in UNEP’s Regional Offices in Mexico City, Bahrain, Bangkok and Nairobi.

He initiated Energy Programme in Paris office and was instrumental in integrating climate change activities. He coordinated more than 20 CDM workshops in partnership with other agencies and initiated one of the first GEF projects in Paris. Apart from being review editor of IPCC’s special report on Technology Transfer, he was the coordinating lead author for the special report of IPCC/TEAP on Safe guarding the Ozone layer and Global climate system.

His present work focuses on strengthening the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and coordinated implementation of MEAs with practical and workable examples. Developing partnerships and leveraging the inter-linkages between multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) are his forte. Author of numerous published policy papers, Mr. Shende has given various presentations for the public as well as for the Universities like MIT-USA, Swiss Technical Institute and Beijing University. He has been interviewed for TV, Radio and number of international magazines including French and Italian. His hobbies include trekking in the Himalayas, with previous expeditions in Tibet and Ladakh and blogging.