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Staff contacts

 Name Samira de Gobert
 Position OzonAction Information
 Telephone +33 1 4437 1452
 Fax +33 1 4437 1474
 Email samira.degobert@unep.org
 Office UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (PARIS)
 Address 15 rue de Milan
75441 Paris Cedex 09

Samira de Gobert joined UNEP DTIE OzonAction in 1998, and since then she actively contributed to raising awareness of the need for ozone layer protection and Montreal Protocol. She is well-known at UNEP Paris for institutional memory and networking. Deeply committed, she promotes the overall visibility of the Montreal Protocol and the Multilateral Fund achievements through innovative means. She Conceptualized and started OzoNews e-news service, which have become key information sources for the global Montreal Protocol and Climate communities. She is managing the Programme's electronic news services (OzoNews, fortnightly, and bi-monthly RUMBA (Regular Update on Methyl Bromide Alternatives), and CliO3 (Climate and Ozone Update). Ms. de Gobert created the Montreal Protocol Who’s Who, a web portal that honors the visionaries, innovators and implementers who are making the Montreal Protocol a global environmental success story.
She developed/manages the OzonAction MultiMedia Collection (MMC), the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of information sources on ozone protection and the implementation of the Montreal Protocol.
Among other duties, Mrs. de Gobert also manages the annual OzonAction Special Issue produced in the six UN languages and distributed worldwide. She is the focal point for press and media. In addition, she undertakes outreach activities to raise the profile of the Montreal Protocol, Multilateral Fund and ozone protection initiatives.
Mrs. de Gobert has been nominated several times for the UNEP Baobab award, and she earned the:
- UNEP 20th Anniversary Ozone Protection – Implementing Agencies’ Staff Award.
- UN 21 Commendation
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2009 Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award