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Staff contacts

 Name Yamar Guisse
 Position Programme Officer (Refrigerant Management Plan Implementation)
 Telephone +254 20 7623909
 Fax +254 20 7623165
 Email yamar.guisse@unep.org
 Office UNEP Regional Office for Africa (ROA)
 Address Room X231
PO Box 30552

Mr Yamar Guissé a national of the Republic of Sénégal holds a Master in Environmental engineering from International Polytechnic Environmental Association and a Master's degree in Physics and Chemistry from the University Semlalia of Marrakech (Morocco). He also has acquired a certificate in Hazardous Waste Management from Basel Institute of Technology (Muttenz, Switzerland). Mr Guissé joined UNEP OzonAction Programme in 2001 and was posted at the Regional Office for Africa as an Associate Regional Training Officer. His activities include the implementation of RMP-related projects in French-speaking Africa, policy and legislative assistance, customs and refrigeration training, co-ordination of sub-regional activities for harmonization of legislative and regulatory mechanisms to improve monitoring and control of ODS consumption in French-speaking Africa; and, development, negotiation and implementation of methyl bromide projects. Before joining UNEP Mr Guissé was working with the Directorate of Environment in Senegal.