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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone
Layer 2004

Drawing by Michelle Klink, aged 16, Namibia, ‘Happiness. Let’s Heal the World’
Save O3ur Sky:
Ozone Friendly Planet,
Our Target

NEW! - How different countries are regions are celebrating this year

Suggestions for how to celebrate this year's Ozone Day

  • Read The United Nations Secretary General’s Message on International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer (English, French, Arabic)

  • Read our letter. Review the guidance letter sent by OzonAction Programme to all National Ozone Units (NOUs).
  • Use Ozzy Ozone to increase awareness. View, download or order this new full-length animated video suitable for broadcast on television.
Ozzy Ozone video
  • Spread key messages about ozone depletion. Read and use 15 key common messages that all members of the Montreal Protocol community (including Ozone Officers) should keep in mind when speaking with the press, developing brochures and publications, and conducting awareness-raising events.
  • Add quotes about ozone layer protection to your awareness materials. OzonAction compiles "quotable" statements made by key persons in the global Montreal Protocol community about this successful multilateral environmental treaty. Use the quotes in your press releases, booklets, and other awareness materials for Ozone Day or afterwards. If you have other quotes to suggest, please send them to jchona@unep.fr
  • Promote sun protection education. Use the comprehensive package for children's sun protection education developed by the World Health Organisation under the Intersun project.
  • Make your office ozone-friendly. Show the public that your NOU "practices what it preaches" by announcing (or committing to) the phase out of ozone depleting substances (ODS) in your own working environment. Guidelines developed by the DTIE OzonAction Programme can help.
  • Visit the Ozone Secretariat's web site. More materials/information is available on the Secretariat's web site to support your national celebrations of this event.
  • Get ideas from earlier Ozone Days. See the suggestions made by the OzonAction Programme and Ozone Secretariat for how to celebrate Ozone Days in other years.


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