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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone
Layer 2005

Theme for 2005: Act Ozone Friendly - Stay Sun Safe!

Ozzy Ozone

How countries celebrated Ozone Day. See examples and get inspired by your peers.

Suggestions on how to celebrate this year's Ozone Day

Secretary General says 'Act Ozone Friendly' - Stay Sun Safe. Read this message in Arabic, English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

  • Press release. "An extraordinary success story - but saving ozone layer an unfinished business," says UNEP. Available in English, French, and Spanish.

  • Guidance letter Review this informative letter sent by the Head of the DTIE OzonAction Branch to all National Ozone Units (NOUs).

    Ozzy Ozone: Defender of Our Planet. Read the on-line version of this brilliant, animated cartoon booklet for your children so that they too can act ozone-friendly. Download the booklet in English, French, Russian or Spanish. To obtain a hard copy of the comic, please make your request to the OzonAction Information Clearinghouse. Ozzy Ozone booklet
  • Radio spots. You can also listen to interesting radio spots that reinforce the message of the Ozzy Ozone story. In these spots, Ozzy is diffusing a message from the South and North poles. Available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • TV spots. For raising awareness purposes we have three TV spots namely, "Ozzy and Isabella", "Buy Ozone Friendly Products" and a short advertisement on the Ozzy Ozone video. Available in English, French and Spanish.

  • Animated video. Use Ozzy Ozone to increase awareness. View, download or order this full-length video suitable for broadcast on television. If you would like to receive a copy for bradcast purposes please make your request to the OzonAction Information clearinghouse.
    Ozzy Ozone video
  • Quotable statements. Add quotes about ozone layer protection to your awareness materials. OzonAction compiles "quotable" statements" made by key persons in the global Montreal Protocol community about this successful multilateral environmental treaty. For example the following new quote by Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the UN in his report 'In Larger Freedom," can be used in this year's ozone day celebrations. "We already have one encouraging example showing how global solutions can be found. Thanks to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer the risk of harmful radiation appears to be receding - a clear demonstration of how global environmental problems can be managed when all countries make determined efforts to implement internationally agreed frameworks."
  • Ozone songs. To add ambiance and rythm to your celebrations, why not download the ozone songs produced by the Cariibean network, the Maldives and Japan.

  • Ozone Secretariat website. To support your national Ozone day celebrations more material/information is available on the Secretariat's website.

  • Kid's corner. Good news for children! A website specially for children will be launched on 16 September 2005. It will provide children with information on issues concerning the ozone layer as well as an interaction section where children can play games. The website is now available at www.ozzy.unep.org.

  • Antarctic Ozone Bulletin. The World Meteorological Organization released its first Antarctic Ozone Bulletin on 23 August 2005. Incorporate the latest status of the ozone layer into your ozone day press releases and public communications.
    Ozone Bulletin


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