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20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol: 2007

Activities for the 20th Anniversary celebration

The page describes how different countries and regions around the world are planning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. If you wish us to add your activities, please let us know.

Multilateral Fund Secretariat for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol

A Culture of Success is an interactive video produced by the Multilateral Fund Secretariat to mark the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. It tells the story of the Multilateral Fund and its achievement in the words of some of the people who made the Fund a success.

A Culture of Success

Europe and Central Asia Network

English-speaking African Network of ODS OfficersThe Regional Ozone Network for Europe and Central Asia (ECA network) was the first network to hold a celebration ceremony in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. This took place on the first day of the ECA's annual network meeting on 26 February 2007.

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South Asia /South East Asia and Pacific Networks

During the Meeting of the Joint South Asia / South East Asia and Pacific Networks of Ozone Officers held in Bhutan, 10-13 April, a celebration was also held in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.

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UNEP Region for Asia and the Pacific

UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific organised a Regional Ozone Quiz for the upcoming anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.

The quiz was won by two senior students from the Philippines Science High School, defeating 30 other students from 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The students won $375 each including an all-expense paid trip to Montreal to represent the Asia-Pacific region in the celebration of the 20th anniversary on 16 September.
See press release
Filipino kids grand prize winners in international ozone quiz
Video clip on Ozone quiz competition

20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol Awards

During the 20th Anniversary celebrations held just prior and during the 19th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, the UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, its OzonAction Branch, and staff received awards in recognition toward their assistance to developing countries in the global effort to phase out ozone depleting substances and protect the ozone layer.
Read more on Award winners

The final list of awardees for all award categories is available on the Ozone Secretariat web site.

Antigua and Barbuda

in addition to Antigua and Barbuda's on-going public awareness programme, they will produce a general advertisement highlighting the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. An official hand-over of the Education Pack to officials in the Ministry of Education is also planned. An exhibition involving schools and stakeholders including customs, the local Refrigeration Association, importers of refrigerants and major importers of appliances are to be included as well as the installation of street banners, commemorative t-shirts and a message by the Minister to mark the day's observance. All of this will be supplemented with the Ozzy Ozone video, the local video produced by the Unit and the Caribbean Ozone Song.

Ozone Day Photos from Antingua and Barbuda:
Photo: The Science Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, Earal Skerritt, speaks at the presentation ceremony of the Education Packs for primary schools.
Photo: Officials in the Ministry of Education, along with the National Ozone Officer and the President of the Antigua and Barbuda Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association, pose for presentation of the Education Packs. From extreme left is Mr. Philip Lloyd, Education Officer in the Education Broadcasting Unit, Emil Michael, Education Zone Officer, Mrs. Patricia Collins, Officer for Measurement and Evaluation and Science Coordinator, Earl Skerritt, National Ozone Officer, and at extreme right is Randy Aska, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association.
Photo: National Ozone Officer hands over Education Pack to Science Coordinator.
Photo: Officials view contents of the Education Pack.


Argentina plans to distribute a CD-ROM containing Good Practices in Refrigeration at the International Fair of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, as well as a publication promoting the country's achievements under the Montreal Protocol. On September 11 they will invite all the companies that have been reconverted further to the chambers and official entities that have cooperated, for giving them a commemorative plaque. Furthermore, they will also participate in the Olympiads for the Environment Protection and will distribute bags with a legend of the Ozone Day commemoration.


The Government of Bahrain is planning to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol by issuing a number of commemorative postage stamps. This includes about 3 stamps, postcards and envelopes with logos.


Barbados will have activities for highlighting the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, including a customs training workshop. They will also distribute t-shirts and will have a staff awareness seminar for further awareness among the staff. The awareness committee will also highlight their work and an Ozzy Ozone pin will be distributed in schools and throughout the country. The Ozzy Ozone cartoon will be displayed and they are developing a pilot project regarding human health effects of ozone depletion.


Belize will launch the national ozone unit website, which was developed under UNEP's ESTIS platform, and will also be broadcasting the Caribbean Ozone Song. They will distribute the Ozzy Ozone story together with national messages, visit primary schools giving presentations on the ozone depletion issue and distributing awareness material such as caps, t-shirts, and other items.


Bolivia have planned the printing of posters, the launching of the new webpage of the Ozone Unit and an education programme in teachers' centers for introducing the issue of the ozone layer protection in the curriculum. Further, the awards ceremony of the technicians in good practices in refrigeration will be carried out during these days.


The activities for commemoration of the 20 years of the Montreal Protocol will be accomplished in the scope of the activities in course. Graphic materials about the National CFCs Phase-out Plan will be produced. The Ministry of the Environment will keep a stand of 300 m2 at the International Fair of Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Air Treatment - FEBRAVA, considered the biggest fair of the sector in Latin America, which will take place in Sao Paulo from 18th - 21st September. The visitors of FEBRAVA will find information about the CFCs recovery, recycling and reclaim, best practices in refrigeration, automotive sector, among others. Lectures will be offered in the stand on the subject of: The Ozone Layer; Alternative Fluids and the Brazilian results on the Ozone Layer protection. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, a symposium of sensitization for the medical sector is being prepared on the MDIs and the effects in health due to the destruction of the ozone layer. During this year, copies of the animated cartoon Ozzy Ozone will be distributed to different stakeholders, public servers of the Ministry, refrigeration technicians and visitors of the FEBRAVA. The Ministry of Environment will take part in the commemorations of the 20 years of the Montreal Protocol, organized by the Company of Technology of Ambient Sanitation - CETESB, in Sao Paulo, performing lectures on the Brazilian results regarding the Montreal Protocol commitments.


The closing of the Awareness Campaign for technicians and children will be carried out as well as the awards ceremony of the Children Painting Contest named "I protect the ozone layer". Further, seminars for technicians, professionals and journalists will take place about the Montreal Protocol, the protection of the ozone layer and on the existing national legislation on this issue. At the same time, the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA together with the University of Magallanes and the National University of La Patagonia will carry out an event for the launching of the project for measuring the ozone layer and UV radiation in the Austral Chilean-Argentinean Patagonia.


From the 11th to 16th of September Colombia will be having different activities in eight cities, including puppets presentations, press conferences and contests regarding the ozone issue. As a result of the campaign last year in the Sun Festival for choosing the best ozone song in the country, this year ten songs have been selected and a CD will be produced with the best songs related with the ozone layer protection issue.

In the city of Santa Marta, on 16th September an activity with 150 children from different schools will prepare a "Declaration for the Protection of the Ozone Layer". Also, during the central act they will announce the ruling that bans the manufacturing of ODS-containing equipment and will present the third edition of the Ozone Magazine as well as the second edition of the Manual of Good Practices in Refrigeration.

Costa Rica

The main event in Costa Rica will be held on dates other than 16th September in order to capture all the attention of the media regarding the country's achievements on ODS phase out according to the commitments under the Montreal Protocol. The inauguration of a laboratory for the production of biologic controllers of plagues and diseases will be carried out, in which several Ministers and all involved stakeholders will be present. Additionally, there will be several acknowledgement acts for the different contributors as well as the presentation of diplomas.


Cuba will have different events like a press conference for addressing the ozone depletion issue and the country's achievements, an awareness activity with children in the Natural History Museum, in the National Aquarium of Cuba and in the National Zoo Park, as well as an exposition on the achievements during the 20 years of the Montreal Protocol. On 11th September a central act will be carried out in the Capitolio and the emission of a commemorative mail stamp is expected.

Other activities will be performed in all provinces of the country; for example a national scientific activity about the actions for protecting the ozone layer, a workshop on methyl bromide phase out, a kite festival, painting activities, an activity with plastic artists and cartoonists, and a sport marathon.

Czech Republic

The Ozone Focal Point for the Czech Republic is preparing a book on ozone protection and an information brochure.


Dominica has focused these celebrations on awareness activities, mainly on educating the public. They will launch the OzonAction Education Pack for which they have invited the Minister of Education and the Minister of Environment. They will distribute the pack to primary schools and will visit secondary schools and show Ozzy Ozone cartoon for discussion and questions from them. Regarding the media, diffusion will be made in radio and TV talk shows, in the news through press releases and banners. Dominica also plans to prepare a Creole language add for highlighting the importance of the ozone layer. They have worked with the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association to host together a symposium with customs, technicians, students, and industry, which will be a refreshing course. The media diffusion will also include regulations for public awareness.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic will involve its authorities in the celebrations. Among the different activities that they will have in the occasion of the international ozone day, a magazine will be distributed on the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in the country, an interview with the Secretary of Environment and there will be a conference in the school that groups the country's engineers and architects. The Awards ceremony of the children painting contest will be carried out as well as an interview on ozone protection on 17th September will be aired by the most important radio program.


Ecuador: In the main event the assistance of Alexander Cede, a NASA expert is expected; he will talk about ozone layer depletion. The event is directed at the academia and public sectors, as well as the general public. They also have an agreement with the Ministry of Education for launching the national painting contest in the country's provinces.

A presentation of acknowledgement plaques will take place for the companies that have been reconverted under the Montreal Protocol, and the presentation of the OzonAction Education Pack to the primary school teachers. Further, there will be newspaper and radio notes on the issue, the opening of a new course cycle on good practices in refrigeration, and the elaboration of educational material with leaflets about the Montreal Protocol.

El Salvador

The newspapers will diffuse information about the celebration and about ozone layer depletion. The Minister of Environment will attend the celebration and other different activities including the presentation of the OzonAction Education Pack. The celebration will take place on 24th September with an event in which the Minister will present the certificates to the technicians in good practices in refrigeration, and will also hand over equipment and tools to the different entities involved.


The National Ozone Unit, Fiji conducted several activities in relation to the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol:

- Ozone Awareness for the Ministry of Education. This was attended by Curriculum unit of Ministry of Education, Minister for Labour, Industrial Relation, Tourism and Environment and other staff of Ministry of Education;
- A Secondary School National Ozone Quiz Competition was launched;
- Poster Design competetion for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level;
- Project Skyhole Patching Workshop for Border Control Customs Management and mid-Management level officers;
Radio talk show "Vakariba Malamala" on Viti FM station with NOU as guest;
- Launching of Solar Heat Treatment Kiln in cooperation with stakeholders, government representatives, MBr Consultattive Working Group, NGOs, UNEP and Autralian Choice Timber PTY Ltd.


In Grenada the most significant activity will be a 30 minute television production highlighting the success of the Montreal Protocol locally and globally. This will include interviews with all stakeholders (customs officers, technicians, importers, consumers and government officials), locally produced commercials and TV spots. There will also be an official Ozone Day message by the Minister of Health and the Environment on radio and television.

Also planned is the first year anniversary celebrations of the Grenada Refrigeration, Air-Condition and Ventilating Association which was commissioned on 16th September 2006 and coincides with International Ozone Day. As part of their plans a retrofit demonstration and exhibition will be staged. There will also be the distribution of Public awareness and Education materials (t-shirts, brochures, bookmarks and activity books) to primary and secondary schools and youth groups.


Guatemala plans to publish an advertisement on the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol in the Ministry's webpage and of the Ozone Unit. Also, an award recognition will take place for the reconverted companies under the Montreal Protocol and they expect to distribute printed material provided by UNEP.


Guyana will have several activities to raise awareness for educating and informing the public about the ozone depletion issue. They will have live radio and TV shows, newspaper articles, discussions with schools and open air activities. They will also produce banners and intend to have the 'PA' component in the papers, TV and radio.


In Haiti the celebrations will mainly be focused on awareness, including the education sector and other specific sectors. The celebration will take place after the 16th of September in order to have more contact with the Education Ministry and make the launching of the OzonAction Education Pack.


Honduras currently have a national awareness plan for schools and universities, and for the involved institutions such as Customs, the Border Police, and the Agricultural Ministry. The Inter-Institutional Committee will also emphasize the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, and it is also planned to distribute leaflets and posters on the issue.

National newspapers will include articles addressing the ozone depletion. Also a painting contest will be carried out in the southern zone where the population and industry are concentrated and the Manual on Good Practices of Refrigeration will be presented together with the distribution of recovery and recycling equipment. Further, the submission of the ratification document of the Beijing Amendment to the United Nations Headquarters is expected to be done during these days, and they will also have the official launching of the technicians training and certification programme.


The Ozone Cell of the Ministry of Environment and Forests organised the following activities to mark International Ozone Day:

(a) Published the booklet titled " The Montreal Protocol : India's Success Story " which apart from the evolution of Montreal Protocol gives the various initiatives taken by the Government of India to fulfill the obligation of the Montreal Protocol.
(b) Published a poster, pledge and a sticker for distribution to industry people, Government Officials and students with a view to raise public awareness .
(c) Telecast of a film on Montreal Protocol and Ozone Layer by the Doordarshan
(d) Children's Painting Competitions .
(e) Publication of Posters, information brochuers, stickers etc
(f) Competition in schools on awareness of the Ozone Layer problems .

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The Kerala State Poluttion Control Board (SPCB) and the Kerala unit of WWF - India organised a one-day awareness programme and competitions for school students in association with the Internation Day for the Preseervation of the Ozone Layer.
Full article from The Hindu


During the week leading up to Ozone Day Jamaica have planned to hold interviews on TV and radio on the ozone depletion as well as on the achievements of the country over the twenty years since the Montreal Protocol was signed. They will also have an Information Fair to raise awareness on Ozone Layer depletion. At the fair there will be exhibition booths with exhibitors such as the NOU. Also an advertising feature will be placed in a national newspaper and it will have articles on ozone layer depletion and advertisements from sponsors.


The Ozone Center of Kyrgyzstan has organized and facilitated a number of events and activities, devoted to International Ozone Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer and celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.
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The Ministry of Environment in Lebanon organised a national poster contest on ozone protection in which 170 posters were received from school children, university students, freelancers, graphic design companies etc.

A panel of judges has been formed to select the 3 best posters in Lebanon. However, considering the large number of posters received, another selection of the 10 best posters will be sent to the Ozone Secretariat to participate in the 20th Anniversary Awards/Contests.

View posters

Macedonia FYR

The Macedonian Ozone Unit is preparing an Ozone play to be performed at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol and International Ozone Day.


Mexico will have several activities at national level including activities in schools with stories. There will be a tribute to Dr Molina for his valuable contributions toward ozone layer protection and climate change; a stamp will be printed in honor of Dr Molina. Activities will be carried out after 16th September and the commemorative ceremony will be made at the Official Residence of Los Pinos with the presence of the President of the Republic. Also, there will be a symbolic hand over of recovery and recycling equipment, publicity in magazines, and distribution of book separators and postcards.


Moldova will undertake the following activities to celebrate the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer:

  • A press release regarding the achievements of International/National community to save the Ozone Layer and 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol will be transmitted to the media;
  • Press conferences with participation of notable scientists, civil servants and mass-media representative;
  • Workshop with teachers (geography) from primary schools;
  • An ecological hour on the 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol in all primary and high schools of the Republic;
  • Broadcasting of special radio transmissions (round table discussion) in the format "ECO-TERRA", under the topic "20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol";
  • Broadcasting through national TV the Ozzy Ozone cartoon video (translated into Romanian language)";
  • Broadcasting the advertisements "Ozzy and Isabella" and "Buy Ozone Friendly Products";
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Education the NOU will distribute T-shirts, hats, pens, pencil box, cups and parasol with the inscription "Salva?i Stratul de Ozon" (Save Ozone Layer) to children's homes, boarding schools and families with many children.


The celebrations in Nicaragua since the Environment Day back in June with several activities. These activities include the diploma presentation of advanced training courses on good practices in refrigeration and a conference to students on the Montreal Protocol and its 20 years of work. For the International Ozone Day, several diffusion activities are expected and include two publications for written mass media, and an informative mural, events wherein the importance of Ozzy Ozone will be emphasized, the delivery of equipment and conferences in different schools of the country.


Panama will have activities in radio media about the issue of protecting the ozone layer and in newspapers there will also be diffusion of the same. They plan to coordinate with the Ministry of Education for exhorting children in schools during the first fifteen days of September to research about the ozone layer and the actions they can take for protecting it.


Paraguay will have a special day with the press and a session related to the effects of the ozone layer depletion in the human health. There will also be a launch of an informative pamphlet which will be attended by children and the Secretary of the Environment.


An Information note will be prepared by the media and the Ozone Unit will also prepare the same for their webpage . Also regional conferences supported in the Refrigerants Management Plan as well as the presentation of the certification ruling of refrigeration technicians will be carried out wherein the first certifications of approval of the course will be given. Further, conferences at education centers will be organised where parents and school children will work jointly with the Ozone Unit.

Republic of Congo

Pas de Paix sur Terre sans Ozone dans l'Atmosphère ! Tel a été le slogan des activités organisées par le Programme Educatif de l'Institut Jane Goodall au Congo à l'occasion de la célébration, dimanche 16 et vendredi 21 septembre 2007, à Pointe Noire, des Journées Mondiales de la Protection de la couche d'Ozone et de la Paix.
Lire les activitiés du Congo à l'occasion de la Journées Mondiales de la Protection de la couche d'Ozone et de la Paix
Voir quelques photos: Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3


The Republic of Serbia designed and issued new stamps and envelopes for the ocassion of International Ozone Day and the Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol in Sept 2007.
Stamp and envelope

St Lucia

The main event includes a speech from the Prime Minister and the ozone web site will highlight the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. They will also distribute polo shirts with an ozone layer protection message and will broadcast a public service announcement to encourage technicians to go certified. Further, they plan to give prizes to stakeholders who have collaborated in implementing the Montreal Protocol in the country.

St Vincent & the Grenadines

They will hold public exhibitions as well as a TV add for ozone awareness and the effects on health from ozone depletion. They will particularly highlight what people can do to help protect the ozone layer. An Ozzy Ozone review will also be made and the national ozone committee plans a community event and will do public awareness talks. They expect the involvement of the Minister in the celebration activities. The technicians will also have a particular event within the refrigeration and air conditioning association. T-shirts and pamphlets will be distributed on the ozone layer protection issue as well and an event with customs will also be held.


The activities in Suriname have been established in four stages: stage 1: schools will be asked to participate in the Ozone Quest; stage 2: is the development of a giant Ozzy Ozone board; stage 3: is the celebration of country accomplishments; and stage 4: is a series of five articles in the local newspapers from July to October, which comprise of several topics on ozone and the Montreal Protocol such as the ozone layer, the international and national implementation activities, a review of trainings given to customs officers and refrigeration engineers, the international and national policy and legislation on ODS, and a summary of activities of the National Ozone Unit to celebrate 20 years of the Montreal Protocol and 10 years of the ratification by Suriname.

Trinidad & Tobago

Their celebrations will take place during the entire month of September. They include having display activities in the malls and national libraries for the public, information on the ozone layer protection on radio and TV, and production of awareness material geared toward customs officials, refrigeration technicians and all refrigerant retailers informing them on the complete phase out of CFCs. A commemorative stamp as well as a souvenir sheet will also be produced in recognition of both the 20th Montreal Protocol Anniversary and Trinidad and Tobago's December 31st 2007 CFC phase out date.


The National Ozone Unit, Turkmenistan, is planning to issue an article in a newspaper and a broadcast for the celebration of International Ozone Day. Also, a thematic meeting is planned at the Ministry of Nature Protection devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.

United Arab Emirates

EHS, the Environment, Health and Safety regulatory arm of Dubai World, organised an awareness campaign aimed at educating people on the environment, particularly the harmful effects of ozone depletion.

As part of the awareness drive, held to mark the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, EHS organized a special programme in Dubai’s Ibn Battuta Mall, where shoppers were asked questions about the environment, ozone depletion and ways to guard against it, with electronics devices and other gifts as prizes for the correct answers.

There was also a special colouring area set up for children to colour pictures with emphasis on the environment and the earth, and presenters from Decision Makers TV conducted the evening.
Click here for entire article.


The press will be received at the Ozone Unit to give them information on the work that the country has been doing and in addition they will give interviews. There will be articles in newspapers and distribution of material in several places which talk about the protection of the ozone layer and health. Further, in the exhibition space science, there will be a stand for the children with a video called 'An adventure full of life', which teaches about ODSs, how to protect the ozone layer, and as a complement a magazine will be given.

The main activity is a workshop in a hall where the reconversion of companies and a graph on the advances of the country in the implementation during the 20 years of the Montreal Protocol will be shown. Also, for geography professors in charge of teaching environmental subjects to children, there will be a special event in which a specialist in health will also be present to talk about the subject.


Traditionally they have addressed the issue through the media and they have been carrying out awareness activities throughout the year. This year they have focused awareness for children and teenagers, through an interactive video that was implemented in the Children Museum Foundation and that had a great reception from about 2500 people. They have also organized 15 film forums with Al Gore's movie which is related to the ozone issue.

The Pharmacy Faculty of the Central University of Venezuela have developed a protection lotion for massive distribution in geographical areas of greater exposition to ultraviolet radiation; and they plan a creativity contest for teachers with proposals of classroom pedagogical projects, thus giving continuity to the contest of last year where ten teachers received awards.

There will be special sessions for handing over recovery and recycling equipment and in October will take place the first International Fair of Clean Technologies where special diffusion will be given to the use of hydrocarbons as alternative refrigerants.

Venezuela is working on a musical video clip on the issue of protecting the ozone layer.

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