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International Day for the Preservation
of the Ozone Layer

Montreal Protocol - Global partnership for global benefits

Ban Ki-moonThe UN Secretary General's Message on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
Market turmoil, economic downturns and talk of recession have historically spelt tough times for the environment. At such moments, safeguarding the planet has often been seen as a luxury, and as a burden on economic recovery and development. But the remarkable story of the ozone layer...
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8 September 2008| United Nations

You are from the Montreal Protocol global community and want to commemorate Ozone Day. Below are some suggestions you may use to help you plan your activities for this event.  

Raj ShendeLetter to National Ozone Units: This letter from Rajendra Shende, Head of the OzonAction Branch provides practical suggestions and ideas on what National Ozone Officers can do to plan their Ozone day activities .

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OzonAction Education Pack for Secondary Schools :
presents the youth aged 13-16 years with the issue of ozone layer depletion and the challenges to reversing this global phenomenon. The pack comes with a Teacher's book that guides the teacher on how to raise awareness among young people and encourage their active participaton in debates and to take action. Through the Student's book, the student plays the role of a journalist reporting on the ozone layer depletion. The students, with the teacher's guidance, will write an article on the topic.

View and download Teacher's Book and Student's Book

Ozzy Goes Island Hopping
features ozone depletion and climate change with a special focus on Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). In this story Ozzy and Zoe travel from the stratosphere to visit their friends Alida, the leatherback turtle; Guno, the sand crab and Ronaldo, the red snapper in Suriname to learn about the effects of climate change in small islands and low-lying coastal states.

View and download booklet

Tata Young launches Ozzy Goes Island Hopping
Tata Young, Thailand's top international recording artist launched the cartoon booklet 'Ozzy Goes Island Hopping' at the Twenty-eighth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in Bangkok,Thailand on 7 July 2008.

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How countries celebrated the 2007 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol
Get ideas on how other countries round the world celebrated international ozone day last year.

2007 Ozone day

vineyardChildren and Ozzy Ozone There is a whole page dedicated to Ozzy Ozone products: booklets, TV and radio spots, Ozzy Ozone video and translations of it in a number of languages, snakes and ladder game, etc. all available and downloadable for your use.

Children's Paintings: We cannot omit to ask you to use the children's paintings which are dear to us and hav e been extensively used successful for awareness purposes. These paintings can inspire children from different schools to paint and draw how they persieve the ozone hole today.

Quotes: We have a large collection of quotes/statements made by key people in the Montreal Protocol community that you may find useful for including in speeches, handouts, publications, articles etc.



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