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Activities for International Ozone Day 2008

This page describes how different countries and regions around the world are planning to celebrate International Ozone Day this year. If you wish us to add your activities, please let us know.


Raj ShendeThe UN Secretary General's Message on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
Market turmoil, economic downturns and talk of recession have historically spelt tough times for the environment. At such moments, safeguarding the planet has often been seen as a luxury, and as a burden on economic recovery and development. But the remarkable story of the ozone layer...
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8 September 2008| United Nations

Restoring ozone layer could ring in health, economic benefits:
Marking the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, Mr. Ban said that efforts to tackle climate change are adversely affected when the global economic situation is in flux.

“At such moments, safeguarding the planet has often been seen as a luxury, and as a burden on economic recovery and development,” he said in a message marking the Day. “But the remarkable story of the ozone layer, whose preservation we celebrate today, shows such thinking for what it is: mere myth.”
.
16 September 2008 | UN News Centre


OzonAction Education Pack for Secondary SchoolsOzonAction Education Pack for Secondary Schools - This Education Pack (Teacher's Book and Student's Book) was developed by UNEP OzonAction Programme under the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol with partners UNESCO, WHO and UNICEF. The kit aims at raising awareness and encouraging the active participation of young people in the debate on ozone depletion.

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16 September 2008 | UNEP OzonAction


Angola Press: The implementation environmental preservation methods is the key element for the protection of the ozone layer, said Tuesday here an expert with the Ministry of Urbanisation and Environment, António Matias. He said this whilst addressing a workshop designed for students of Luanda's Medium Industrial Institute (IMIL), under the celebrations of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, September 16.
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Mousepad GrenadaOrganised by the Ministry of Nature Protection, the main celebrations of the International Ozone Day were held at Yerevan Secondary School N 176 with participation of teachers and students of 16 schools located in the same community called Malati-Sebastia. Read the report on activities held and view striking pictures on the success of this vibrant event.
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An awareness Seminar for higher-education students was also conducted jointly with the Aarhus Center on 17 Sept. It will be dedicated to such ecological problems like climate change and ozone depletion.


A painting competition of children and juveniles was held at Bangladesh Shishu Academy on the occasion of Ozone Day. More than 500 children and juveniles in three groups took part in the painting competition organised by Department of Environment (DoE).

In this connection, an inter-ministerial meeting was held yesterday in the Ministry of Environment and Forests with its Secretary AHM Rezaul Karim in the chair to make the day's programmes a success.


Dr Esther Byer Suckoo, Minister of Family, Youth, Sports and the Environment presented the Education Pack to school pupils in celebration of ozone day. Barbados plans to distribute the education pack to all its primary schools.
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Mousepad GrenadaThe Government of Benin hosted Ozone Day celebrations one week earlier (9 Sept) in Cotonou during a week that saw the holding of the Joint Regional Network Meeting for English and French Speaking African countries.

A l’occasion de la célébration de la Journée mondiale de la protection de la couche d’ozone , Monsieur Jeremy Bazye, le Coordonateur Régional du projet Ozone au Programme de Nations Unies pour l’Environnement s’est exprimé au micro de Marthe Kakou, Journaliste Onuci fm de Cote d'Ivoire durant la 12e réunion des responsables des bureaux ozone d'Afrique au Bénin.
Ecouté l'interview


Mousepad GrenadaThe Royal Society for Protection of Nature, Bhutan developed a poster and highlighted the importance of International Ozone Day.


Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations translated into Bosnian language the "Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer: 2006 Update" (Dvadeset pitanja i odgovora u vezi ozonskog omotca -azurirano 2006). Interviews on this publication were aired on BiH radio station.
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Cette année les activités suivantes sont programmée : un match des incollables opposant les élèves de certains établissement secondaires de Yaoundé, portant sur la protection de la couche d'ozone, un concours d'art plastique sur les questions relatives à l'ozone, et une exposition des œuvres d'art réalisées par les enfants, une marche pour la protection de l'ozone, la présentation de sketch et récits par les (Little Angels of Environment Cameroon) etc.
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Ozzy Goes Island Hopping, CroatiaOn the occasion of International Ozone Day, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction translated the comic book "Ozzy Goes Island hopping into Croatian.
Click here to view or download booklet

An Ozone poster was also printed and disseminated.

There will also be broadcasts on television (HRT, RTL and NOVA TV) of the TV spots: The Drummer, Kids Dream and Croatian spot regarding disposal of refrigerators.

Croatia also produced a poster.


Prensa Latina : La Habana, 16 sep (PL) Cuba arriba al Día Mundial de la Protección de la Capa de Ozono tras cumplir varias de las metas trazadas en 2007, aseguró Nelson Espinosa, Director de la Oficina Técnica del Ozono.
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Eritrea organised public seminars and broadcasted on TV and radio and posted articles in newspapers. They also distributed brochures and displayed ozone related banners.


allAfrica .com: As part of activities marking this year's world Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, a special "Readwide What Do You Know?" quiz contest was held at the Teacher's Hall at Amakom in Kumasi, yesterday.

The contest was organized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and sponsored by Readwide Ghana Limited and Voltic Mineral Water and others.
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Mousepad GrenadaThe NOU Grenada as part of its activities will be hosting a Panel Discussion around the theme with Panelist from the Energy Division, National Climate Change Committee and the NOU.

Also scheduled is an Ozone Award Ceremony to award individuals and institutions that contributed to Grenada's effort to Zero importation of CFC's

The final component of the celebrations is a 30 minute television production by the NOU, including an address by Minister of Environment, interviews with technicians, importers, customs officers, lecturer at local college and NOO.

As part of the celebrations mugs and mouse pads were produced for public awareness purposes.


Neoleadership: A l’image des autres nations du monde, la Guinée a célébré, ce mardi 16 septembre, la journée internationale de l’Ozone. La cérémonie a été présidée par le ministère de l’environnement et du développement durable, du ministère de l’industrie et de l’artisanat. La célébration à été organisée par le département de tutelle en collaboration avec l’association Guinéenne du Froid AGF, le point Ozone Guinée du dit département. L a salle de conférence d’un hôtel de la place a servi de cadre au lancement de la célébration dudit journée. Le thème central de cette année est « Protocole de Montréal, un partenariat mondial pour des bienfaits mondiaux ».
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The Environment Protection Agency, Education Information and Technology Division and in collaboration with the National Ozone Unit organized various activities for school children. Ozone related publications were also displayed in schools in observance of Ozone day.
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Le Nouvelliste en Haiti: Une dizaine de kits d'instruments qui vont servir à la détection des substances appauvrissants la couche d'ozone (SAOs) ont été remis à la Direction générale des Douanes par les responsables du bureau national d'ozone (BNO). D'autres équipements telles que gants, casques, lunettes seront sous peu distribués aux dizaines de douaniers ayant suivi pendant deux jours une formation pratique et théorique sur la protection de la couche d'ozone. Ce premier contingent est appelé à créer les douaniers verts qui ont pour mission de protéger l'environnement. « Les SAOs sont souvent toxiques et inflammables, c'est pour cela nous devons bien équipés les agents douaniers avant de les mettre au travail », a dit Dr Ronald Vilemenay, directeur du bureau national d'ozone le 16 septembre dernier à l'occasion de la journée internationale de la protection de la couche d'ozone.
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2008 UNEP DTIE, Ozone Action Paris in association with CEE
And Nehru Science Centre celebrated the International day for the preservation of the ozone layer by Launching the Education pack for Higher secondary school . Dr. Manekar Director Nehru Science Centre released the education pack . 25 highschool teachers and 100 children were present for the launching ... Read more
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The Association for Environment Conservation Advocacy and Solutions (AECAS) will be organising competitions (painting, essay and slogan writing, poster making, paper presentation.

Students from F D High School, Juhapura, participated in a drawing competition in which Saiyed Arif of Std. 9C won. Also the students wrote slogans and their views on the Environment and Ozone Saving Process. These were done on Cloth Grafittii. Grafittiie is a way to create awareness amongst the people regarding the burning issues of the society. Students also presented their views on the ways to save the ozone layer.
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Seven High Schools in Nashik observe the International Ozone Day : Rachana Vidyalaya, M.R.Sarda Kanya Vidya Mandir, Bhalekar High School , Shri. B.V.Joshi Maharashtra High School, Upnagar, Ichhamani High School, R.J.S.Bytco Girls' School, and K.J.Mehta High School of Nashik, Maharashtra, India earnestly observed the International Ozone Day on Tuesday, 16th September 2008 under the guidance of Shri.Vijay Golesar, Nashik organised special events such as an inter-school rally, inter-school drawing competitions and essay-writing competitions.

A teacher's workshop on the utility of the OzonAction Education Pack for Secondary Schools was organized by Alfa Foundation NGO working in slum areas in India.
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The State Minister for the Enviornment, Rachmat Witoelar gave a speech for World Ozone Day in which he highlghted that illicit imports and trade of ODSs remained widespread and keep damaging the ozone layer.

Korea (Republic of)

The Hankyoreh: On International Ozone Day, designated by the United Nations as September 16, children enjoy a picnic at the Hangang Riverside Park, Guri, Gyeonggi Province, amid a field of cosmos flowers.


Kuwait Times: The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE-Kuwait) held a seminar on Tuesday evening to celebrate, along with the world, the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The seminar, held at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Salwa, was attended by its members and various invited guests. The group discussed this year's event's theme, 'International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer: Montreal Protocol-Global Partnership for Global Benefits'.
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Top-Ozone Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd organised its International Ozone Day on 9 Sept at the National Science Centre at Bukit Kiara, KL. The family event was themed: Let Us Work Together to Save the Ozone Layer — Save Our Children. Among the activities lined up were Protecting Our Ozone Layer students’ quiz, children’s creative drawing competition, Ozone Layer & You seminar...
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Ozone Day MaldivesMaldives celebrated International Ozone Day on 16th September 2008. Ozone Day celebrations started with the release of a stamp set by the President of the Maldives, His Excellency President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.
Source: Environment Resource Centre, Maldives

Marshall Islands

RMI Environmental Protection Authority and the National ODS Taskforce joined together in organizing activities to commemorate the 2008 International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer.
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Hat from MoldovaThe following activities will be undertaken to celebrate Ozone Day on 16 Sept:
  • Press conferences with participation of National Ozone Unit (NOU), Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, End-users, main importers and distributors of refrigeration equipment and mass-media representatives;
  • Carrying out an Ecological hour - 16 September - International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer in all primary and high schools of the republic;
  • Broadcasting special radio transmission (round table discussion) in the format "ECO-TERRA", under the topic: "Progress of the Republic of Moldova in achievements of the Montreal Protocol obligations";
  • Broadcasting through national TV the UNEP TVE video animated cartoons (translated into Romanian language);
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Education the NOU will distribute and make public the following material: Click here to view.

Ozzy  flies high - MontenegroThe National Ozone Unit translated the Ozzy Ozone comic books Ozzy Flies High and Ozzy Goes Polar and distributed to the primary school, and on 16th Sept the Ministry of Tourism and Environment organised a press conference with media coverage in order to present the comic books and to diffuse the message on the importance of ozone layer protection.
Ozzy Flies High
Ozzy Goes Polar


allAfrica.com: The country joined the world in commemorating the Ozone Day and the 21st anniversary of the Montreal Protocol on September 16. Deputy Director of the Namibia Investment Centre, Freddy Gaoseb, said at the commemoration, Namibia leads the way in phasing out ODS because of its sound policy, legislation and smart partnerships with other government agencies and industries.

He said while the protocol is succeeding, the final success is not yet achieved, until all ozone depleting substances are completely phased out in both developed and developing countries.


PIA Daily News Reader: The Department of Enviornment and Natural Resources (DENR) has calendared International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer as among the events to be celebrated this September.

The observance of Ozone Day will highlight the country's commitment to a clean environment and its adherence to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.


The Peninsula: Qatar will join the world to mark the International Day for the Protection of Ozone Layer, which falls on September 16 each year.

Walid Mohammed Hassan Al Imadi, Director of the International Cooperation Department at the Environment Ministry and the national coordinator for Vienna agreement and Montreal Protocol for Protection of Ozone Layer praised efforts made by Qatar for protecting Ozone Layer...


In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, 'Vreme', one of Serbia's local newspapers dedicated eight pages to ozone layer protection - 'Medunarodni dan ocuvanja ozonskog omotaca'.

Read more on Serbia's Ozone Day activities:
Cisto nebo nad Srbijom
Zaštititi ozon nad Srbijom


Seychelles will be holding a week activity and the main event will be on the
16 September, 2008. Activities will be as follows:
  • One day workshop for all environmental teachers plus secondary
    students on ozone depletion and its effect on human health, marine
    life and plants.
  • Ozone programs will be transmitted on radio, television and
  • Donation of training equipments for refrigerant technicians to our
    National Institute of Technology under our TPMP Funding.
  • Song competitions on Ozone layer, reproduction of the Primary Education Pack by UNEP for primary students/teachers.
Sri Lanka

Daily News Sri Lanka: The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Development commemorated the International Ozone Day 2008 (September 16) yesterday at the National Youth Services Council, Maharagama.

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Champika Ranawaka launched a logo of Ozone friendly tea to mark the World Ozone Day that coincided with the 21st anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.


Mousepad GrenadaSuriname launched the booklet Ozzy Goes Island Hopping, and the Education Packs for Primary and Secondary Schools.
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During the event, the Honourable Minister of Education and Public Development ad interim, Mr. Micheal Jong Tjie Fa received the Ozzy Educational Material. In his delivering speech, he approached on the commitment of his Ministry for education and awareness raising for the continuation in protection of the natural resource of Suriname. Suriname boasts of having over 85 percent of its territory still as virgin forest.
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Mrs. Marlene Harris, General Director of the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname (NIMOS - focal point for Montreal Protocol issues) also gave an overview of the success of Suriname in the implementation of the Montreal Protocol. She highlighted on the major success through the active involvement and participation of the private sectors including importers, distributors and the air conditioning and refrigeration servicing technicians.
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IPP Media: Tanzania is today joining the international community to mark The United Nations` (UN) International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer celebrated on September 16 every year.

The Minister of State in the Vice President's Office (Environment) Dr. Batilda Buriani called on industries and businesses importing the harmful chemicals to use alternative chemicals in production of their products.


Ozone Day ThailandThailand’s Ozone Day celebrations were organized on Saturday 13 Sept by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), in coordination with the UNEP and the Mall Group (one of Thai leading department stores).
Read about the activities that took place


The Ministry of Nature and Protection organised thematic meetings in schools dedicated to Ozone Day along with a competition of children's pictures. Articles will also be published in the national newspapers.
Read newspaper article published in the local newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan" in Russian


The New Vision - Uganda's Leading Website: In addition, commemoration of the International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer, offers an opportunity for nations around the world to promote awareness and actions for protection of the Ozone layer. The Theme of this year's celebration is: "Montreal Protocol - Global Partnership for Global Benefits."

This year, 2008, marks some of the milestones concerning the progress achieved worldwide among the Parties to the Montreal Protocol since the year 1987. The events for celebrating the 20 years of the Montreal Protocol took place last year during the 19th Meeting of the Parties (MOP) to the Montreal Protocol, in Montreal, Canada.

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Awareness Campaigns for World Ozone Day prepares to host the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer on September 16th with various awareness campaigns from the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi targeting consumers in an effort to improve behaviour which contributes to depleting the ozone layer.


Este martes 16 de septiembre se celebra el "Día Internacional de la Capa de Ozono" y el Ministerio del Poder Popular para el Ambiente (Minamb), continúa en el proceso de información y prevención ante el uso de los gases refrigerantes que influyen en el aspecto de agotamiento de este importante filtro solar.
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Yemen Observer: As with many countries around the world, Yemen celebrates International Ozone Day on September 16 every year; and for this occasion Mr. Faisal Gaber, director of the National Ozone Unite- of Environment Protection Authority, has announced the second stage of training the professional farmers in two of the methyl bromide soil fumigation alternatives: Solar fumigation and Biofumigation. Their training is being held in Sa’dah governorate this month.

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