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International Day for the Preservation of the
Ozone Layer

16 September 2009


This page describes how different countries and regions around the world have planned to celebrate International Ozone Day this year. If you wish us to add your activities, please let us know.


Ban Ki-moonThe Secretary-General's Message on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, 16 September 2009

Sustainable development depends, in large part, on the implementation of agreed environmental goals, targets and objectives. Among the considerable number of multilateral environmental agreements agreed between states over the past 40 years, the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and, in particular, its Montreal Protocol stands out.
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Video News Release (VNR)
The UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme, in cooperation with UNEP's Division of Communication and Public Information, has produced a short news video about the interlinkages between ozone layer protection and climate change in the context of the HCFC phase out and growing interest in HFCs. It features high-level officials from UNEP including UNEP's Executive Director and Under-Secretary General Achim Steiner, scientists and NGOs.

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Right on Target Screen Saver

screen saverOn the ocassion of Ozone Day UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme has produced a screen saver on developing countries' phase-out schedule.

To install the screen saver on your PC / Notebook:
1. Save the zipped screen saver file into any folder on your local disk.
2. Un-zip the saved file. A file with the name: target.scr will appear in the folder.
3. Right-click on the file icon and select the "install" option to install the screen saver.

If you would like to view the screen saver before installing, simply double-click the target.scr file icon.

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Information on Commercially Validated Methyl Bromide Alternative Technologies

Methyl Bromide AlternativeFor Ozone Day, UNEP's CAP Regional Office for Africa produced a special edition on 'Information on Commercially Validated Methyl Bromide Alternative Technologies'.

The emergence of commercially validated methyl bromide
alternatives now brings new prospects and despite the
challenges, Africa is witnessing the surfacing of the first
fruits of many years of hard work by growers, local universities, research institutions, policy makers, Multilateral Fund (MLF) funded projects, UNEP Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) team, Implementing agencies and bilateral partners, among other stakeholders.

This new breed of alternatives is now able to effectively compete with methyl bromide production system not only in the technological feasibility but also in the economic/commercial practicability.

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snakes and ladder gameThe UNEP DTIE OzonAction Team in Paris wishes everyone a fruitful International Ozone Day. OzonAction had the privilege of celebrating this event with Ozzy Ozone and his partner Zoe.

European Union

Environment: European Union hails universal ratification of the Montreal Protocol on protecting the ozone layer: EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said: "I very much welcome the news that the Montreal Protocol has finally achieved the universal recognition it deserves. The progress the Protocol has achieved in protecting both the ozone layer and the global climate shows that worldwide consensus on exceptionally important environmental issues is achievable. This is a very important and encouraging message that we have to keep in mind as the world prepares to conclude what must be an ambitious global agreement on climate change at the Copenhagen conference in December."

World Customs Organisation

Customs and the Montreal Protocol: a successful partnership with impressive results: WCO Secretary General, Kunio Mikuriya, said, “ Protecting the environment is a priority for the WCO. All Customs authorities have a very important role to play in ensuring a greener and safer world as they are on the frontline and primarily responsible for dealing with goods at borders”. He added, “ While Customs is fully aware of the challenges it faces in combating the illegal trade in ODS and other environment-fragile goods, fauna and flora, the WCO in partnership with its Member Customs administrations and other interested parties will not flinch in its efforts to protect the environment through effective border enforcement”.


snakes and ladder gameThis will be Andorra's first commemoration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Below are some of the main activities for this occasion:
  • The event will be opened by H.E. Mr. Vicenç Alay Ferrer, Minister of Territorial Planning, Environment and Agriculture on 16 September. The Minister will present the translation of the comic book "Ozzy Goes Polar" to Catalan as well as offer to all primary and secondary schools the Education Packs developed by UNEP OzonAction Programme under the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol with partners UNESCO, WHO and UNICEF.
  • A screening of a short animation created by the United Nations for the celebration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.
  • A series of conferences will be held on 17 September on Ozone Layer Protection.
  • A 4x4 metres snakes and ladders game in Catalan was reproduced and will be made available to all schools.
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Luanda - The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, celebrated every September 16, is an opportunity for a joint and fixed reflection on the need of organising actions, as well as adopting behaviours that contribute to protection of old protector of human beings on earth.

In the country’s capital city of Luanda, the workshops on the date are happening at the Medium Polytechnic Institute, located in Cazenga district, and at a drinkable water treatment station (southeast of the city), where knowledge on ozone layer will be passed on.
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The National Ozone Unit of Armenia is planning the following activities to celebrate Ozone Day:
  • Awareness seminar for students of the Yerevan Fine Arts Academy;
  • Graffitii painting by students of the Yerevan Fine Arts Academy on the yard walls of the Aesthetic Center . Only spray paints with "Ozone-friendly" labels will be used.
  • Exhibition-Awareness Seminar at the Yerevan Scientific-Technical Library;
  • A series of seminars in the Middle Schools of Yerevan for the period of 16-30 September;
  • All the above mentioned activities will be highlighted by the Mass Media and a special issue of the "Environmental Diary" Programme will be dedicated to Ozone Day (to be issued late September).

To celebrate Ozone Day, the SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) will conduct a children's competition - triathlon of its kind titled as "Triozon" (3Ozon) with children's participation in the territory of oil-gas extracting Body "Bibi-Heybatneft". The participants - 50 students from local schools and Ecological Lyceum 291 will be divided into five teams. A distinguishing feature of each team - will be its colour (helium balloons tied to each participant's hand).

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Barbados' Ozone Day activities are as follows:
  • The HCFC poster has been reproduced and is being distributed to schools;
  • Ozone- friendly tips are being aired on the radio;
  • An ozone-related article has been published in the nation newspaper;
  • Posting of an Ozone Day message from the Minister in both local news papers and a full page feature in one of them; and
  • My Ozone Wish PSA will be aired on local TV on 16 September.

Awareness material -  BelizeBelize is planning the following activities for Ozone Day:

Commémoration de la journée mondiale de préservation de la couche d'ozone: En prélude à cette journée, le ministre béninois de l'environnement et de la protection de la nature, Justin Adanmayi, a adressé un message à la nation.

A cette occasion, il a énuméré les dates butoirs convenues par la communauté internationale pour mettre fin à la production, à la vente voire à l'utilisation dans les pays en développement, des produits les plus virulents causant le plus de dommage à la couche d'ozone.
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Ozone Day was observed in the morning of 16th September 2009 in the swimming pool complex in Thimphu, Bhutan. Organized by the National environment Commission Secretariat, the Chief Guest H.E. Tengye Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk stressed on the importance of saving ozone layer and making it a safer place for all plants and animals.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina organized the following activities in celebration of Ozone Day:
  • Information about the significance of Ozone day was posted on the official website of the Ministry. Click here to view report;
  • Information was sent to the newspaper agency and distributed to all electronic and printed media (in attachment). Information was posted on 16 web pages;
  • Interviews on the main radio station on 16 September and few days after
  • Performance by Youth NGO KULT BiH with aim of paying attention to the harmfull effects of UV rays on 16 September. This was bradcasted by all major TV stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (photos in attachment). Prior to that they performed lessons in several primary schools and arranged competition for best paintings, see on web page http://zajednica.mladi.org.

ozone day poster, ChinaChina is today celebrating Ozone Day at Beijing University. Government officials, UNEP representatives, university students, business CEOs and NGOs are attended the event. The event was chaired by Prof. Zhang Shiqiu, Vice Dean of College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of Peking University. Mr. Rajendra Shende, Head of UNEP DTIE OzonAction Branch delivered the message of the UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon on the 2009 International Ozone Day. Prof. Wang Limei, Vice Executive Director of Peking University and Mr. Wen Wurui, the Director General of Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of MEP delivered the opening remarks and Mr. Zhang Shigang, UNEP Country Coordinator delivered the closing remarks at the end of the event.
T-shirts, posters, banners, stickers were produced to raise awareness on ozone-related issues.

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Croatia posterSince this year's theme of the European Mobility Week "Improving City Climates" is greatly connected to fighting climate changes in general, Croatia decided on improved promotion of the International Ozone Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer during the European Mobility Week, especially on 16 September 2009. Croatia invited all participating cities and towns to develop various activities to promote the International Ozone Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Croatia organised dissemination of Ozzy Ozone educational materials in 17 participating cities throughout the country to draw people's attention to the preservation of the Ozone Layer.

The web site of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction has announced the International Ozone Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer at http://www.mzopu.hr/ and invited all those interested to join in and promote the International Ozone Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

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The following activities will be undertaken in Cyprus, to celebrate Ozone Day:
  • Broadcasting radio transmission in 2 Cypriot channels, with participation of officers of Environment Service of Cyprus, discussing about Ozon;.
  • Broadcasting ozzy ozone tv spots in the main tv channels of Cyprus;
  • Distribute and make public some promotional materials about Ozone, such as brochure and leaftlets.

Activities planned to observe Ozone Day in Dominica are as follows:
  • September 13, 2009 - Five kilometer run/walk with the participation of Dominica Olympic Association, netballers, footballers, Ross University and other sports and health enthusiasts;
  • September 14 - 15 - training and certification of refrigeration and air- conditioning technicians in "Good Practices in Refrigeration, " using both theoretical and practical modules. Barges, code of good practice booklets and individual presentation of packages of tools and equipment will form part of the session;
  • . September 16 - Address by Minister of the Environment and a panel discussion on "Ozone Layer Depletion and its Implication for Human Health." The audience would be students from higher form secondary schools in Roseau and panelist would come from the Ministry of Health, the Ozone Unit and Technician Association (DARAC).
Read article: High School students gain more knowledge on ozone layer depletion effects with officials...


EAA-NOU is regulating a celebration for the International day for the protection of the Ozone Layer during the period 16-30 September 2009.

The celebration includes the following events:
  • EgyptEngineer Maged George, Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, will meet Mr. Marco Gonzalez, Executive Secretary of the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol, where they are to hold a press conference.

  • A workshop in cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to introduce the incentive program to replace chillers using CFC that deplete the Ozone Layer.
  • Announcing the outcome of the "Ozone Protectors" competition organized by the EEAA, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and published on the website of the Ministry of State for the Environment - Ozone Unit.
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Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

graffiti paintingThis year celebration of Ozone Day was dedicated to the young population. Students from the art school were invited to participate at the painting/graffiti competition. The competition theme was "Ozone Protection Unifies the World". The young artists applied special technique on wall painting/graffiti. They expressed themselves through colorful ideas showing to the audience that they are completely ready to take the future of the environment in their own hands and contribution to a clean and healthy environment.
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Click to view graffiti paintings: image 1| image 2 | image 3 | image 4 |
image 5 | image 6


Où en est-on avec le trou dans la couche d’ozone ?
Al’occasion de la Journée internationale de la protection de la couche d’ozone

A ce jour, le Protocole de Montréal, signé en 1987, a permis de réduire de 95 % les substances qui appauvrissent la couche d’ozone. Vingt-deux ans après la découverte de ce phénomène, quelle est la situation ?

Invitées : Sophie Godin-Beekmann, directrice de recherche, secrétaire de la commission internationale sur l'ozone, IO3C

Khalida Bouzar, directrice adjointe de la division Technologie, Industrie et Economie du Programme des Nations Unies pour l’Environnement, PNUE

Reportage de Claire Martin au Chili, pays menacé directement par le trou dans la couche d’Ozone.
Cliquez ici pour eouter l'l'interview


Ozone day bannerThe National Ozone Unit, Grenada will launch it's celebrations for Ozone Layer with the unveiling and erection of a banner to highlight the day outside the office of the NOU. The activities planned fot this year include:
  • The prodcution of a 30 minute documentary on the involvement and achievement of Grenada as a party to the Montreal Protocol;
  • A workshop for Secondary School Teachers; the launch of the Ozonaction Eduction Packs and the launch of the NOU website. A live streaming of the two activities are expected to be shown on the NOU Grenada website (barring no internet issues). An invitation is extended to all to log on to nougrenada.com to view the activities from 9:00 a.m.
  • A live radio and telvision braodcast of a commemorative message from the MInister of Environment.

International Ozone Day celebrated: The 15th International Ozone Day was celebrated on 16 September 2009 at the FICCI Golden Jubilee Auditorium in New Delhi to commemorate the signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. The theme for this year was “Universal participation – Ozone protection unifies the World”. Shri Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State for Environment & Forests was the Chief Guest on this occasion. Speaking on the occasion Shri Ramesh said that India was one of the first developing countries to join the Montreal Protocol and pledge its commitment to protect the Ozone Layer.
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Source: Ministry of Environment and Forests

Ozone conference, PuneTimes of India: Pune has a rolel to play in combating ozone depletion: In the days to come, the city (Pune) will have a significant role to play in the development of the Gen-next technology to bring down the level of hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochloroflurocarbons (HCFCs), with a view to repairing the damage done to the Ozone level, noted environmentalists Gus Welder and Stephen Anderson said on Monday. ... The experts were speaking at a press conference organised during a programme on the role of the Montreal Protocol treaty in combating climate change, as a backdrop to International Ozone Day which falls on September 16. The event was inaugurated by Pune municipal commissioner Mahesh Zagade.
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View photos from this event: image1 | image2 | image3 | image 4 | image 5

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As Israel's largest Green organization, one of KKL-JNF's major goals is fighting global warming and participating in the international effort to protect the earth's flora and fauna. Forests planted by KKL-JNF weaken the global greenhouse effect by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere – a means of carbon sequestration. Furthermore, trees assist the ozone layer by mitigating the intensity of the sun’s rays and creating shade, thereby establishing a more pleasant microclimate. In addition, trees prevent desertification on the perimeters of arid regions and form a barrier against pollution and dust particles.
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Ozone day KyrgyzstanIn 2009 representatives of Ozone center of Kyrgyzstan took part in a number of activities, held at schools and universities in Bishkek city as well as in the regions of the republic. In general, on 16th September about 2400 people (pupils, students, teachers) over the republic (Bishkek city's, Issyk-Kul, Chyi, Talass regions schools' pupils and students of Bishkek city, Osh and Jalalabad regions' universities) took part in mass ecological actions, devoted to International day of ozone layer protection.
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Liberia today joined countries the world over to celebrate International Ozone Day under the theme: Montreal Protocol brings mutual benefits.

The Head of the Ozone Unit at the Environment Protection Agency said the celebration focused on educating institutions using chemicals and depletion substances.
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Le Madagascar a célébrer la Journée Internationale pour la Protection de la Couche d'Ozone, et à cette occasion nombreuses activités ont eu lieu, dont à titre d'exemple:
  • Cérémonie officielle de remise des " Appareils Identificateurs " des SAO à la Direction Générale des Douanes et des Caisses à Outils à L'Union des Frigoristes de Madagascar(UFM);
  • Atelier de formation et de démonstration sur les matériels nouvellement acquis (MEF/BNO-ONUDI-UFM);
  • Réalisation et diffusion du Spot de sensibilisation sur la JMO 2009;
  • Rédaction et diffusion d'articles sur la protection de la couche d'Ozone dans la Presses écrites;
  • " Diffusion d'un film de sensibilisation sur la protection de la couche d'Ozone dans les Télévisions;
  • " Confection et dissémination d'un VCD - compilation de Films sur la protection de la couche d'Ozone.
Cliquez ici pour voir le programme d'activités en détail

Marshall Islands

The Department of RMI-EPA planned the following activities for Ozone Day:

  • One week of awareness outreach in four islands in the Marshall Islands to raise awareness by visiting schools, communities and churches;
  • radio, TV broadcast as well as announcements in newspapers
  • poster competition in elementary and high schools
  • essay competition in elementary and high schools

Read the full programme


Ozone day poster Moldova is planning the following activities for Ozone Day :
  • Press conferences;
  • An 'Ecology hour' with the Institute of Ecology and Geography together with primary and secondary school students;
  • Broadcasting radio transmission -round table discussion;
  • Workshop with doctors;
  • Distribution of ozone related material.
Click here for full details.


The Nationa Ozone Authority prepared the following programme for Ozone Day:

  • Published an article on Interlinkages between Ozone layer and climate change in the daily newspaper;
  • Organised a press conference;
  • Translated and published the OzonAction education pack for secondary schools.

Click here to view detailed programme


Ozone Day MyanmarMyanmar organised the following events for Ozone Day:
  • On 16 September, the Minister of Forestry, H.E. Brig-Gen Thein Aung gave an opening speech, followed by presentations on ozone layer protection and future challenges;
  • A Customs Awareness Workshop was held on 17 September;
  • A HCFCs Alternatives in the Room Air-Conditioning sector was held on 18 September. Represntatives from NCEA, UNIDO participated in the workshop.
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A l'ocasion de la Journée Internationale de la Protection de la Couche d'Ozone, le Niger prépare le suivant:
  • Discours radio- télévisé du Ministre;
  • Jeunesse au micro émission de l'ORTN;
  • Sketch de Sensibilisation;
  • Point de Presse par le BNO;
  • Soirée culturelle.
Cliquez ici pour voir le programme d'activités en détail.


ISLAMABAD, Sep 15 (APP): Like other world nations, Pakistan will also be observing International Ozone Day on Wednesday.

The Environment Ministry (Ozone Cell) will bring out special newspapers advertisement and broadcast/telecast talk shows, interviews of experts to highlight significance of ozone layer and Pakistan’s international commitment for its preservation.

Arts and speech competitions will be held at various academic institutions of twin cities while the Ozone Cell, Ministry of Environment will organize a seminar on October 05.
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Quezon City (16 September) -- Environment Secretary Jose L. Atienza Jr. today led the country's celebration of September 16 as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, which coincides with the 22nd Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.
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Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea is translating the HCFC poster for distribution on Ozone Day.

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Ozone conference, PuneThe Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning stated that today Serbia will mark the International Ozone Layer Protection Day together with 194 signatory countries of the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

The statement adds that Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic has invited citizens to contribute to the protection of the ozone layer by joining the ‘Be an Ozone-Friendly Consumer’ campaign.
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Click here to views some photos: image 1| image 2 | image 3 | image 4 | image 5 | image 6 |

Click here to view report of event

South Africa

16 September 2009 marks an exceptional milestone for the Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depleting Substances. Today Timor-Leste has completed the official ratification of the ozone protection treaties, making the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer the first treaty to ever achieve universal participation.
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Sri Lanka

The Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka's largest selling English daily, has today (16 September) dedicated it's front page to International Ozone Day. The illustrative article gives details about ozone layer protection, uses of ODSs, how to control the imports of ODS in Sri Lanka and how to be ozone friendly.

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Swaziland has established recovery and recycling centres and has trained technicians in the mobile air conditioning and refrigeration sectors on good practices and use of new gases that have less harmful effects on the ozone layer. This was said by Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Macford Sibandze at a press conference marking the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer. The day commemorates the date of the signing in 1987 of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.
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St Vincent & the Grenadines

St Vincent and the Grenadines will be undertaking the following activities for Ozone Day:
  • Address by Minister on National Television and radio
  • Live interactive radio panel discussion
  • Grand Motorcade from Central leeward to North windward of the island, where sun umbrellas and refrigeration magnets promoting the retrofit programme would be distributed.
  • Newspaper suppliment by RACTA (Technicians Association) .

The following activities have been planned for Ozone Day in Tajikistan:
  • Meeting of associates of NOU and Committee on Environment Protection all over the Republic in schools, large workshops on refrigeration equipment preparation and customs service departments, will be presented and general lectures concerning ozone layer protection and main purposes and tasks of the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol.
  • A special television broadcast devoted to celebration of Ozone Day has been prepared. This film will be translated on Central TV channel of the Republic of Tajikistan on 16th September 2009.
  • Thematic materials devoted to ozone layer protection will be distributed by volunteers for dissemination to the public community.

RIS posterA joint workshop with the Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Thailand and UNEP are organising a workshop to commemorate Ozone Day on 16 September. This workshop will conclude with a global roundtable discussion about strategies for disseminating knowledge about ozone layer protection to peers in schools.

RIS has also produced the displayed poster for Ozone Day. Click on image to view full poster.

Click here to view workshop programme
Click here for full report


Timor-Leste will hold a ceremony at the Hotel Novo Horizonte on 16 September to commemorate Ozone Day. The ceremony will be attended by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, other key Government officials and representation from UNEP.

Click here to view programme


A l'occasion de la Journée Internationale pour la Protection de la Couche d'Ozone, le magazine, 'Togo Press,' a publier un article sur "la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique: de l'élimination totale des substances appauvrissant la couche d'ozone."
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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is planning the following activities for Ozone Day:
  • Recognition Awards and Auction of Children's Posters (auction proceeds to be donated to the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society);
  • Newspaper Supplement Public Outreach (at malls, Piarco International Airport and in Tobago);
  • Poster Competition;
  • Radio and TV Spots Production of a National DVD on Phaseout of CFCs in Trinidad & Tobago.
  • HPMP Inception Workshop (on 10 September).
Click here to view Environmental Management Authority's web page on activities for Ozone Day


The following activities were undertaken to celebrate Ozone Day in Turkmenistan:
  • Children's drawing competition on the asphalt will be held in the Orphans Palace (orphanage);
  • Broadcasting in Mass media (newspapers, TV, radio) ;
Click here to view newspaper article

United Arab Emirates

UAE Marks World Ozone Day: The UAE will join the world community in marking the World Ozone Day held this year under the theme: "Universal participation: Ozone protection unifies the world".

H.E. Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water said :’’ The UAE celebration of this international day springs out of its keenness and care for human health.
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Source: Dubaicityguide

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The following event will be undertaken to celebrate Ozone Day in Venezuela:
  • El Movimiento Ecológico de Venezuela junto a estudiantes de la UCV y simpatizantes, celebrará este miércoles 16 el Día Mundial de la Preservación de la Capa de Ozono, se informará a través de trípticos la importancia del esta fecha, actividades en pro de la ecología, así como dar a conocer los últimos informes sobre esta capa básica para mantener el equilibrio vital en La Tierra.

    Lugar: Estación Ciudad Universitaria, frente a las Tres Gracias.

A ceremony was held in Hanoi on September 16 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) to celebrate International Ozone Layer Protection Day.

MONRE Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Duc said that Vietnam has fully implemented the Montreal Protocol since its approval in 1994. He added that the country will prohibit the import of harmful substances such as CFCs from January 1, 2010.
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Ozone day ZimbabweFellow Zimbabweans, on Wednesday the 16th September 2009, we will join the rest of the World to commemorate 22 years of the existence of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that deplete the Ozone Layer. It is now a well established fact that some widely used man made chemicals have been destroying the stratospheric ozone layer since the middle of the last century. The Stratospheric Ozone Layer shields and protects life on Earth form dangerous ultraviolet radiation form the sun. Depletion of this vital shield will have serious consequences for human health, our food production system and ultimately the entire ecosystem.
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