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This page describes how different countries and regions around the world have planned to celebrate International Ozone Day this year. If you wish us to add your activities, please let us know.


Ban Ki-moonThe Secretary-General's Message on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, 16 September 2010

This year, the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer highlights the central role of good governance in pursuit of environmental goals. In general, successful environmental agreements require a broad framework, clear targets and a gradual approach to implementation.
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Ozone AfricaTo mark this Year's International Day for the Protection of the Ozone layer, we are pleased to present the first issue of OZONE AFRICA - a newsletter by the Africa Network of Environment Jounalists - This magazine will be a useful tool in supporting the media's role in raising awareness on ODS, particularly as developing countries prepare to meet the 2010 deadline to phase out CFCs altogether.

Issue No. 1 Ozone Africa


Le 16 septembre 2010, entrera en vigueur la norme andorrane pour la protection de la Couche d'Ozone. A l'occasion de la journée internationale pour la préservation de la couche d'ozone, Andorre organise également de nombreuses activités afin de célébrer cet événement global.
Cliquez ici pour voir la nouvelle norme andorrane pour l'application du protocol de Montréal

Antigua & Barbuda

The activities for Antigua & Barbuda to observe the Ozone World Day are as follows:
- Symbolic Adoption of two Schools by the National Ozone Unit - Island Academy International School and Sunnyside Tutorial School to serve as their partners in the global awareness initiative to save and protect the ozone layer.
- Working meeting with service technicians to discuss and finalize the procurement of recovery equipment to be supplied to service shops.
- Radio/TV Broadcast of the Ozone Day message by the UN Secretary General.


Ozone day ArmeniaThe activities dedicated to the International Ozone Day celebrations of the NOU of Armenia were as follows:

1. Round Table at the UNDP Armenia Country Office organized jointly with the UNIDO Desk in Armenia targeting journalists, Aarhus Center representatives and teachers. The Agenda also included the presentation of the Vital Ozone Graphics book reproduced in Armenian.

Translation Vital Ozone Graphics 2. Translation and reproduction of the Vital Ozone Graphics 2 in Armenian. with further distribution to the Mass Media representatives.

3. Reproduction of the Ozzy Ozone Game in Armenian with further centralized distribution to the regions of Armenia.

4. Translation of the United Nations Secretary-General's message International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer into Armenian with further placing it on the website.

5. Placing on the website the message of the Head of the UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme and Press Briefing from the Regional Office for Europe in Geneva.


International Ozone Day observed
Dhaka, Sep 16 (bdnews24.com)—International Ozone Day is being observed in Bangladesh on Thursday with colourful programmes. The Bangladesh government is observing the day, like previous years. This year the theme for the day is, "Good governance is essential to preserve the ozonosphere."

President Mohammad Zillur Rahman and prime minister Sheikh Hasina have delivered separate messages on the day.
Report on the Observance of International Ozone Day, 2010

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Brochure - A guide to National Trade Regulation of ODSBarbados National Ozone Unit hosted a stakeholder awareness presentation on 15 September. This event was organized to inform all stakeholders, especially those involved in the Refrigeration and air conditioning sector about the new requirements under the Customs (List of Prohibited and Restricted Imports and Exports) Amendment Order, 2010 and the National ODS Import/Export Licensing System. In addition, the message from the Minister of the Environment, Water, Resources and Drainage, Dr. The Honourable Dennis Lowe, was published in the island's two major newspapers in recognition of International Ozone Day 2010.
Report on Barbados' International Ozone Day activities


Réglementation des substances appauvrissant la couche d’Ozone: le ministère de l’Environnement entame la phase décisive (Le Matinal 17/09/2010)
Les cadres du ministère de l’Environnement et de la protection de la nature (Mepn) se sont retrouvés hier, jeudi 16 septembre 2010 au Codiam à Cotonou pour procéder à la validation du projet d’arrêté interministériel portant réglementation de l’importation, de la commercialisation et de la distribution des substances appauvrissant la couche d’Ozone.
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The activities dedicated to the International Ozone Day celebrations of the NOU of Bhutan were as follows:

- A ozone quiz competition in a school
- A big celebration ceremony which had the Ministry of works and Human settlement and Acting prime Minster as Chief Guest along with the Minister of Agriculture and Forest and the UN resident Coordinator .
- There were two ozone songs sung at this ceremony .
-There was a lot of press coverage on above events.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ove godine medunarodni dan zaštite ozonskog omotaca se obilježava u znaku isticanja znacaja centralne uloge dobrog okolinskog upravljanja u postizanju globalnih okolinskih ciljeva. Generalno, uspješna implementacija okolinskih sporazuma zahtijeva širok okvir, jasne ciljeve i postupan pristup u implementaciji. Kada vlade zemalja postignu pocetne rezultate i steknu samopouzdanje mogu sebi postavili i ambicioznije ciljeve. Montrealski protokol o supstancama koje oštecuju ozonski omotac, koji je prošle godine postigao univerzalnu ratifikaciju, je odlican primjer ovakvog procesa.

Kada je potpisan Montrealski protokol 1987. godine, vlade nisu odmah planirale iskljucivanje iz upotrebe bilo koje supstance koja oštecuje ozonski omotac. Ipak kao rezultat pregovora zemlje clanice Montrealskog protokola su odlucile da smanje proizvodnju i potrošnju više od 98% ovih štetnih hemikalija. U tom procesu protokol je takoder reducirao emisiju staklenickih plinova za 135 milijardi tona CO2 ekvivalenta i na taj nacin je ovaj protokol postao znacajan instrument u borbi protiv klimatskih promjena.


Le cameroun améliore sa protection de couche d’ozone
100 % de substances nocives à l’environnement ont été éradiquées cette année du triangle national. Le Cameroun a éliminé cette année de son territoire 100 % de Substances appauvrissant la couche d’ozone (SAO). Par cette action, il a contribué de manière significative à la réduction de l’équivalent de plus de 135 milliards de tonnes de gaz carbonique du stock mondial.
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Ozone day in China

Path-Breaking Awareness Event in Market Place in Beijing, ChinaPath-Breaking Awareness Event in Market Place in Beijing, China
2010 International Ozone Day preparatory celebrations in China started with an awareness event at a place where awareness needed the most, i.e. at the market place! China's unprecedented and steep economic growth has spurred the consumer markets across the countries. The demand for the so called ' white goods' including room air conditioners is rising at the rate of more than 20% . Room Air conditioners use HCFC (Hydrochloroflurocarbon) that deplete the ozone layer and also cause global warming. China is the largest producer and consumer of HCFCs in the world.

Ministry of Environmental Protection , China Household Electrical Appliances Association ( CHEAA) and UNEP OzonAction collaborated to hold the event in front of the huge open square of Xinhua Market, west of the Forbidden city of Beijing. They along with team of volunteers responded to the questions of the press, broadcasters and other mediapersonnel as well consumers. Large number of curious consumers, young and old, gathered to know the campaign.The posters and booklets on HCFC alternatives and use of non HCFC air-conditioners were distributed to the consumers .

A show of already achieved CFC phase out was arranged in the open square with the hoardings and boards.

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Ozone day on SOHU.com

Congo (Republic)

Couche d’ozone : la protection nécessite encore d’efforts
Profitant de la journée mondiale de la protection de la couche de l’ozone, célébrée le 16 septembre, le Gouvernement congolais a rendu public un message dans lequel il a invité toute personne résidant au Congo à doubler d’efforts en faveur de la lutte contre la destruction de ladite couche.

Le message gouvernemental a été lu par le ministre de l’agriculture et de l’élevage Rigobert Maboundou, représentant son collègue en charge du développement durable, de l’économie forestière et de l’environnement, Henri Djombo.
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Journée internationale de la prévention de la couche de l’ozone
Le monde entier a célébré ce 16 septembre 2010 de la journée internationale de la prévention de la couche d’ozone.
JTV-CONGO du 16/09/10.
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ColombiaOn the framework of the celebration of the International Protection of the Ozone Layer month, Colombia held the 1st environmental film festival for ozone protection and the earth, at the "Sol Rojo" Theatre of the Children's Museum, between 11 September and 19 October. The Ozone Technical Unit (UTO) from the Ministry of Environment, Housing, and Territorial Development sponsored this event, in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the campaign "Soy ECOlombiano". Professional experts from various institutions participated in the event.
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Costa Rica

Costa Rica will celebrate the Ozone Day during the month of September through several activities related to the protection of the ozone layer, as describe as follows:
- Broadcast on radio and TV (30 sec.)
- Interviews on radio and television programs
- Delivery of didactic materials to the Ministry of Education prepared by the Ozone Technical Office.
- Public awareness activities to promote the care from the sun and radiation, as a function of the UV Index that since last year is being spread in http://www.imn.ac.cr/educacion/UV/INDICEUV.html

The main activity will be the recognition to the national milk producers who are changing their old equipments for non CFC cooling technologies (agenda). This event will be held on September 16, in Monteverde, a rural community located about three hours away from San José and where the respective authorities and media will travel. It is noteworthy that among the authorities attending are the Minister of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, representatives from the Minister of Agriculture and from United Nations Development Program.


Croatia's National Ozone Unit wishes everyone a happy International Ozone Day.

Croatia poster

Vital Ozone Graphics 2 in Croatian


Cyprus' had a successful International Ozone Day with the following planned activities:

- TV Broadcast of ozone material in various channels of Cyprus.
- Visits to two schools to explain to the students the importance of Ozone Day.
- An environmental Officer from Environment Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment presented on a TV channel for half an hour a program about ozone layer protection. TV viewers were invited to call in to ask questions about ozone protection.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has several activities planned in relation to the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The main activities will be held on September 16 at Santo Domingo Hotel and are as follows:
- Closer of the Project elimination of the use of CFC in Dominican Republic.
- Official opening of the project "Elimination of the use of HCFCs in Dominican Republic".
- Delivery of informative material alluding to the Ozone Layer.
- Signature of cooperation agreement between INFOTEP and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.
For the event are expected the participation of the sectors involved in the control and use of Ozone Depleting Substances at national level, local and international representatives of UNDP, importers of alternatives to CFCs and HCFCs, ONG's and INFOTEP.

Besides this activities there will be three lectures regarding the preservation of the ozone layer, one at a Private University, one in the Dominican College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors, and other in a school.


The National Environment Agency (NEA) on Thursday 16th of September celebrated World Ozone Day in form of a march past and exhibition held at the NEA head office along Jimpex Road in Kanifing.


Ozone day bannerThe National Ozone Unit (NOU), Grenada is organising a number of activities during International Ozone week. Key activities planned include - Address by Hon. Minister of the Environment, presentations, ceremonies, launch of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Student scholarship programme, TV round table discussion on HPMPs, National Youth and Rally, radio quizzes on local radio stations and much more.
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Ozone day GuatamalaGuatemala's activities to celebrate the International Day of Ozone Layer Preservation were focused on public awareness, mainly at schools.
At the OUT-MARN, are true believers that investing in children from public schools, major changes for the country may be promoted in the very near future.
Ozone day programme
Photo 1 | Photo 2


International Ozone Day 2010 was commemorated in Guyana with two workshops. These were held at the Cyril Potter College of Education, for teachers in training and the University of Guyana.

Text messages were also sent to cell phone users through the text messaging centre of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company. The text of the message was as follows “For life on earth protect the ozone layer and prevent climate change –start preparing for the HCFC phase out – International Ozone Day September 16, 2010”.

The National Ozone Action Unit appeared on the Guyana Today morning television show, on September 14, 2010. Discussions on the program included Guyana’s status on the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and upcoming plans for national celebration of International Ozone Day, 2010.


Celebration of World Ozone Day at Gujarat Science City

The Gujarat Science City (GSC), working under the aegis of the Department of Science & technology, Government of Gujarat, is organizing various activities on Ozone Awareness Programme to mark the celebration of "World Ozone Day" on 16th September 2010 (Thursday). The theme of celebration is "Ozone Layer Protection: Governance and Compliances at their best"!

On this occasion, Science City organizes one day workshop on ozone awareness for school children and community members, an illustrative exhibition, slide and film show and popular science talk on the ozone theme, which aims to sensitize the students and the general visitors about the science of ozone layer and its importance to save life on earth. Students from Class VI to X are invited to participate in the Sit and Draw and Ozone Quiz competition being organized for this occasion.


Ozone day IndonesiaCelebration to commemorate World Ozone Day

Hundreds of elementary school students commemorate World ozone day in the Bungkul Park, Surabaya, Indonesia, Sunday (19/9)


Jamaica's planned activities to celebrate the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer are below:
- Placement of article on the ozone layer and related matters in three national newspapers
- Airing of a total of twenty seven radio commercials (thirty seconds in length) on the ozone layer and related matters on three national radio stations
- Display at main library in Kingston, Jamaica
- Information to be placed on the National Environment and Planning Agency's website, facebook page and via twitter.


Kiribati through the Environment and Conservation Division will be conducting a number of programs in commemoration of the International Ozone Day 16 September, 2010. The activities involve visit to schools, media programs and a public display at the Bairiki square.


Ozone day kyrgyzstanIn 2010 representatives of Ozone center of Kyrgyzstan took part in a number of activities, held at schools and universities in Bishkek city as well as in the regions of the republic. In general, about 1300 people (pupils, students, and teachers) over the republic (Bishkek city’s, Chyi, Naryn regions schools’ pupils and students of Bishkek city, Issyk-Kul region universities) took part in mass ecological actions, devoted to International day of ozone layer protection.


MaldivesThe National Ozone Unit (NOU) of Ministry of Housing and Environment of Maldives celebrates international ozone day to mark the preservation of ozone layer, on 16th September every year. This year is a significant year for us as we have embarked our journey into the phasing out of HCFC 10 years ahead of the actual date set by the Montreal Protocol. With this spirit the NOU have put together an outstanding roster of events to mark this remarkable day.
Read report I
Read full report II


Mexico's celebrations will include activities such as delivery of refrigerants recovery equipment to refrigeration technicians, event to be held in the city of Guadalajara, Jal. on September 14 (agenda). Authorities from the Secretariat of Environment of Jalisco, the Director of the Technical and Industrial Studies Center 14 Zapopan and the Director General de Gestión de la Calidad del Aire y RETC, will attend to the event. On September 15, there will be a nationwide celebration, coinciding with the 200 years of independence of the country.


The International ozone day for the preservation of the ozone layer was celebrated broadly in Mongolia. In this celebration, many organizations such as Ministry of Nature, Environment & Tourism, National Ozone Authority, National University of Mongolia, Environmental University ECO ASIA, Mongolian Refrigeration Association and Association of Journalist were participated in collaboration on these activities which were main events of this day.
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In celebration of Ozone Day, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) organized the following activities:
1. With the Ministry of spatial planning and environment:
- In the primary school 'Stampar Makarije' in Podgorica they organized ecological class for the pupils I and IV class. The Director of EPA attended the event as well as representatives of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment and the Ministry of education and the Principle of the school.
- Ozzy ozone comic books ('Ozzy Flies High', 'Ozzy goes polar' and 'Ozzy goes Island Hopping', leaflet, HCFC poster were distributed as well as T-shirts ("Ozzy ozone -defender of our planet" and "Protect our earth, save the ozone layer" ) .
All the activities were covered by the media (TV, daily articles 'Pobjeda' and 'Dan') and a press release on Ozone Day was featured on the web site of the EPA and the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment.
2. With the NGO Ozone
In Niksic city, EPA in cooperation with NGO 'Ozone' also celebrated ozone day. Representatives of EPA had presentations on the "Ozone layer" and "Climate change." Ozzy ozone comic books, leaflet, HCFC posters and T-shirts were also distributed.
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The National Celebration for the International Ozone Day for Myanmar was held at the International Business Center in Yangon. Present in the celebration were: Mr. Sann Lwin, Director General/ Secretary of NCEA; Dr. San Win, Director/ Joint Secretary of NCEA, Mr. Shin Imai, FAO Representative in Myanmar; Mr. Min Htut Yin, Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP, Mr. U Ohn, Vice Chairman of the Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA; the oldest NGO in Myanmar), members of the NOU, and representatives and students from the University of Yangon and Yangon Technological University (Note: This is the institutions that have 20 campuses nation-wide). The Ozone Day 2010 statement of the UN Secretary General was read during the opening, and videos concerning ozone protection were shown. Ozone theme posters were on display at the venue. Four members of the National Ozone Unit, representing various ministries, gave a presentation each on ozone and climate issues.

There was also a hand-over of gift to Mr. Ye Win, a 23 yrs old, the 1st prize winner of the design competition for commemorative postal stamp. The winning stamp design was shown to the audience. Once approved by the Cabinet, 250,000 copies of the stamp will be printed. The government, in collaboration with the University of Yangon, plans to have a launch of the stamp on 24 Oct. 2010. Among activities planned for the event were: a display of ozone stamps around the world, an exhibit on biodiversity and ozone, stamp collection skills demonstration by collectors from China and the Rep. of Korea.
Read Opening speech
Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3
1). Photo: Mr. Sann Lwin explaining ozone posters to Mr. U Ohn, Vice Chairman of the Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA) and Mr. Shin Imai, FAO Representative in Myanmar.
2) Group photo.
3) Mr. Ye Win, the 1st prize winner of the ozone day stamp design competition receiving the prize from NCEA.


The celebration of the Internationl Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer in Nicaragua will include activities on September 16, 17 and 18, 2010 (poster).

- September 16: there will be a press conference at the Seminole Hotel, withe the participation of all media and the Vice Minister Roberto Araquistain Cisneros. There will also be launching the song of the ozone layer created by Salvador Cardenal (from Guardabarranco Duo) (RIP) being this, the last song he wrote during his lifetime. In addition, this opportunity will be take to present an exhibition of all materials and equipments for the reconversion in hospitals, activity which will start soon in each hospital.
- September 17: an ecological concert will be held, with the participation of national singers, in which the issue of protection of the ozone layer will be highlight. This event will take place in Multicentro Las Américas, a popular center, visited by a lot of people and it will be free. The song of the ozone layer composed by Salvador cardinal will be sing again. A poster with the launch of the song was designed and it was sent to all institutions and persons invited.
- September 18: the replacement of gases in refrigerators of the population in a neighborhood of Managua (St. Louis) will take place. For this event was coordinated with the CECNA that several teams of technicians make these changes showing that the new technology works. This activity will be launch with a lot of propaganda and a festive atmosphere.
- In addition to these activities, several banners were placed in the city announcing the celebration, which has the support of the Senior Management of MARENA.


Journée Internationale de la Protection de la couche d'Ozone: relever ensemble les défis mondiaux
A l'instar de la communauté internationale, notre pays, célèbre aujourd'hui, la Journée Internationale de la Protection de la couche d'Ozone, sous le thème : «Protéger la couche d'ozone : la gouvernance et le respect à leur plus haut niveau ». A la veille de cet événement, le ministre de l'Eau, de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre la Désertification par intérim, le colonel Diallo Amadou, a livré hier un message commémoratif.
plus d'information...


Ozone Day - Zero Compliance Recorded -FG
(Abuja) - Nigeria has been acclaimed one of the developing countries to achieve 100 percent compliance of the Montreal Protocol of protecting the Ozone layer from harmful chemical substances that are gradually depleting its surface. Deputy Country Director of Programmes of the United Nations Development Programmes UNDP), Jonthomas Hiemstra stated this at a media interactive session in Abuja yesterday to mark the 2010 International Day of Ozone.


Celebration of the International Ozone Day in Panama was the realization of an updating journey about the control of Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. This event was held at the Radisson Hotel, Colon, in coordination with the National Customs Authority.


Giving a thought to Ozone Layer
THE Department of Environment and Natural Resources has declared the month of September as Ozone Month by stepping up the drive against substances that harm the ozone layer and lead to global warming.

Celebrations kick off tomorrow as Environment Secretary Ramon Paje and other DENR officials, and partner agencies will have their vehicle’s mobile air conditioner (MAC) tested for ozone- and climate-friendliness.


Ozzy Poster - SerbiaThe Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia celebrated September 16 - The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer in the Primary School "Lazar Savatic" in Zemun. On this occasion, the State Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Bojan Djuric handed over to the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Education, Mr Zoran Kostic the Education Pack with the subject of ozone layer protection, which will be officially introduced into the educational curricula of the subject Nature Protectors.

View photos: Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 | Photo 5 | Photo 6

Sri Lanka

Int'l Ozone Day at Kurunegala
The celebration of International Ozone Day will be held at Wayamba Provincial Council auditorium, Kurunegala at 9.00 a.m. on September 16. The celebration is organized by the National Ozone Unit of Environment Ministry.

Environment Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa will be the chief guest. Post and Telecommunications Minister Jeevan Kumaratunga, Environment Deputy Minister Faizer Musthapa and Post and Telecommunication Deputy Minister Duminda Dissanayake will also participate at the ceremony.


The following are planned by the National Ozone Unit of the Republic of Tajikistan for celebration of International Ozone (16th September):
1. Meeting with schoolchildren and speech on "We protect the ozone layer for life on the Earth."
2. Meeting with entrepreneurs and refrigeration technicians, whose activities are connected with ODS.
use, on "Reduction and complete elimination of ODS emissions into the atmosphere."
3. Dissemination of thematic literature dedicated to ozone layer protection among schools and refrigeration servicing enterprises.
4. Preparation and issue of 2 brochures on "Atmospheric ozone and its role for the Earth" and Ecological consequences of ozone layer depletion";
5. Message on republican radio on "We protect the ozone layer for life on the Earth."
6. Speech and demonstration of video-film on the central republican TV channel on 16th September - International Day on Ozone Layer Protection. Interlinkages between climate change and ozone layer depletion.
7. Preparation and publication of "Changing Ozone Layer" an article in the central republican newspaper.

In realization of above-mentioned measures, the associates NOU, Committee on Environment Protection, Scientists and NGOs will take part.


Tata Young's Facebook message for International Ozone Day

Tata Young Facebook message

Tata Young's Twitter message for International Ozone Day

Tata Young  Twitter message
Tata Young Receives Prestigious US Environmental Protection Agency Montreal Protocol Award
Bangkok, 5 October 2010 – Tata Young, Asia’s pop music sensation, was awarded this year’s Montreal Protocol Award of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for raising public awareness on the importance of protecting the ozone layer - a notable effort that contributes to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on environmental sustainability.

Tata Young’s award ceremony follows the celebration of two other special occasions, the 2010 International Ozone Day on 16 September and the launch of a new UNEP brochure entitled “Stand Up for the Ozone Layer and the Millennium Development Goals.” This pocket size booklet explains in simple language how protecting the ozone layer can also contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the 2015 target.
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Ensemble pour protéger la couche d'ozone
Ozone day TunisiaAujourd’hui, La Tunisie célèbre à l’instar de la communauté internationale la Journée mondiale de la protection de la couche d’ozone placée cette année sous le thème « Protéger la couche d’ozone : la gouvernance et le respect à leur plus haut niveau. » Occasion propice pour rappeler l’importance de déployer les efforts en vue de limiter les dangers des changements climatiques et les risques environnementaux qui menacent le développement durable et le bien-être de l’humanité.
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In commemoration of International Ozone day, the Ozone Awareness-Raising Committee of the National Ozone Unit in Tuvalu, have organised a series of events -- radio talk shows, radio spots and seminar presentations. Banners and posters have also been prepared for the event.
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Ozon Tabakasinin Korunmasi Günü
T.C. Çevre ve Orman Bakanligi, 16 Eylül 2010 Persembe günü Istanbul Maslak'ta Uluslararasi Ozon Tabakasinin Korunmasi Günü etkinligi düzenliyor.

Sayin Bakan; ISO Baskani; Bakanlik, BM ve UNIDO yetkilileri ve ilgili sektörlerin temsilcilerinin katilmasi planlandi. Ikinci oturumda, ISKID dahil STK'larin sunumlari yer alacak. Etkinligin detaylari asagida sunulmaktadir.
ISKID sunumu için tiklayiniz (ppt, 1,28 MB).
Bakanlik ayrica, 17 Eylül 2010 sabahi, Orman Bölge Müdürlügü, Maslak'ta, HCFC Sonlandirma Yönetim Plani Sektörel Bilgilendirme Toplantisi düzenleyecek.
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In the name of Life on the Earth

globeThe ozone layer of the Earth that absorbs biologically high-energy solar radiation and infrared waves reflected from the surface of our planet is recognized as essential for all living organisms, including human beings. In accordance with the decision of the UN General Assembly, starting from 1995, September 16 is celebrated as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer to mark the signing of the Montreal Protocol. In the message of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2010 is “Ozone layer protection: governance and compliance at their best”.
Turkmenistan the golden age

United Arab Emirates

EAD Calls to Support Government's Efforts on World Ozone Day
On the occasion of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on September 16, 2010, the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) is calling on the community to support the UAE Government’s efforts to protect our Ozone Layer by reducing their reliance on ozone-depleting products and switching to ozone-friendly products instead.

Majid Al Mansouri, EAD’s Secretary General said: "Efforts by the world community to protect the ozone layer are a good example of how humanity can act as one to face a common danger.


Ozone day poster - UzbekistanIn commemoration of International Ozone Day, the National Ozone Unit in Uzbekistan has planned a series of activities i.e. designed and placed orders for the production of information-educational materials and souvenirs, a media tour to the Scientific Production Centre 'Solar Physics', performances by school children in Tashkent on 'Lets protect the ozone layer, it protects us,' a contest for teachers and lecturers and much more.
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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Venezuela posterThe Ozone World Day in Venezuela was celebrated during the week of September 12 to 16, 2010. During this period, various activities were held, that included educational and recreational workshops, presentations regarding the Montreal Protocol, environmental quality and alternative refrigerants among others. The celebration culminated on September 16 with the presentation of a play (calendar).
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