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UNEP's Children's Paintings on the Ozone Layer Protection


The 1998 Children’s Painting Competition was part of UNEP’s public awareness campaign to assist the countries that committed themselves to phase out ozone depleting substances under the Montreal Protocol. The competition was open to children and young people from developing countries aged 5 to 16 years old. In May 1998, the OzonAction Programme requested each National Ozone Unit to organize a National Painting Competition and to choose one national winner whose work would then qualify for final selection in Paris. Most of the National Painting Competitions were held as part of the activities to celebrate International Ozone Day. The 53 selected paintings have since been reproduced on posters, calendars, publications, etc. to promote action worldwide.

The children’s paintings in this photo gallery send a simple but powerful message: children from around the globe are joining hands to help protect the ozone layer. The children who have made these paintings show through their talent, ingenuity and imagination that they are ready to make a real contribution to solving the problem of ozone layer depletion.

The paintings on display around the world

Cairo, Egypt
The first five winners received an all-expenses-paid trip to Egypt to attend the 10th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol from 17–25 November 1998, where the paintings were displayed and the awarding took place. The event was organized jointly by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and by UNEP.

Eastbourne, United Kingdom
A limited number of selected paintings were exhibited at the Millennium International Children Conference in Eastbourne, United Kingdom on 22–24 May 2000.

Paris, France
The 53 paintings were exhibited at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, from 6–16 September 2001 to celebrate International Ozone Day. The booklet 'Healing the Ozone Layer with Small Brushes' was launched on this occasion to showcase the paintings in schools, etc.

Awareness raising materials

Other awareness raising materials culled from the 53 selected paintings include postcards and bookmarks (seen below), used to promote action worldwide. The illustrations chosen for the postcards are from the four First Prize Winners: Niger, Iran, Egypt and Indonesia. The postcards and bookmarks are available for distribution by contacting ozonaction@unep.fr.

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