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 Title Standards and Codes of Practice to Eliminate Dependency on Halons: Handbook of Good Practices in the Halon Sector
 Author Author not indicated
 ISBN ISBN: 92-807-1988-1
 Pages 74
 Language English-Russian
 Publication date 01/01/2001
 Publication type Standard
 Sector Halons
 Online version English (3433-e.pdf)
Russian (3433-r-haloncodes.pdf)
 Description Use smart policies to achieve halon management goals. This handbook explains the importance of standards and codes of practice in the phaseout process and provides guidance on how to use those instruments to support the safe and timely transition to alternatives. The publication is designed for NOUs, governments and fire protection communities responsible for planning and implementing the Montreal Protocol halon provisions. It identifies the types of standards and codes of practice that are relevant to the Protocol and provides step-by-step guidance on how to establish new, or revise existing, standards and codes of practice to promote the halon phase-out. This document is part of the Halon Management series produced by the OzonAction Programme.
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