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 Title Training Manual for Customs Officers: Saving the Ozone Layer - Phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances in Developing Countries
 Author Author not indicated
 ISBN ISBN: 92-807-1958-0
 Pages 208
 Language English-Chinese-French-Russian-Spanish
 Publication date 01/01/2001
 Publication type Training material
 Sector Customs
 Online version English (3471-e-customstraining.pdf)
French (3471-f-customstraining.pdf)
Russian (3471-r-customstraining.pdf)
Spanish (3471-s-customstraining.pdf)
 Description Customs officers catch environmental terrorists. The successful operation of a licensing system to control and monitor the amount of ODS entering or leaving a country depends on properly trained customs and enforcement officers. This manual provides practical guidance to National Ozone Units, implementing agencies and customs trainers on how to organize and conduct ‘Train the Trainer’ and subsequent training to customs officers. It includes generic agendas, concept notes, evaluation questionnaires as well as all relevant training materials and overheads. It focuses on the identification of ODS and ODS-containing mixtures, products containing and equipment based on ODS as well as the different smuggling schemes. It should be used in conjunction with the complementary "Country Handbook on ODS Legislation and Import/Export Licensing System" (code: GB-10) which describes the national legislation and the operational details of the licensing system. [Note: the Russian version was produced in cooperation with the National Ozone Unit of Georgia's Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources].
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