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 Title Planning, Designing and Implementing Policies to Control Ozone Depleting Substances under the Montreal Protocol: A Handbook of Policy Setting at the National Level
 Author Author not indicated
 ISBN ISBN: 92-807-2311-1
 Pages 120
 Language English-Russian
 Publication date 01/05/2003
 Publication type Report
 Sector Policy
 Online version English (3972-e-policyhandbook.pdf)
Russian (3972-r-policyhandbook.pdf)
 Description Effective policies make the difference. Experience under the Montreal Protocol has shown that a strong national policy framework is a critical requirement for the sustained, permanent reduction and phase-out of ODS. Effective policies are particularly critical during the Protocolís compliance period when developing countries must freeze and eventually phase out their consumption and production of ODSs. If effective policies are not in place and enforced, then investments in technologies, skills and systems to phase out ODS may be jeopardised. This Handbook provides developing countries with guiding principles and practical advice on planning, designing, implementing and sustaining appropriate and effective policies for complying with the Protocol. This Handbook should be of particular interest to developing countries that are categorised as low-volume consuming countries (LVCs). . [Note: the Russian version was produced in cooperation with the National Ozone Unit of Georgia's Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources].
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