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 Title Report on the Extended Desk Study on Clearinghouse Evaluation, including Corrigendums 1 and 2 and survey instruments
 Author Author not indicated
 ISBN UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/36/5
 Pages 29
 Language English-Arabic-Chinese-French-Spanish
 Publication date 22/03/2002
 Publication type Report
 Sector Multiple sectors
 Online version Arabic (4812-a-clearinghouse_3605.pdf)
Arabic (4812-a-clearinghouse_3605c1.doc)
Arabic (4812-a-clearinghouse_3605c2.pdf)
Arabic (4812-a-clearinghouse_survey-others.doc)
Arabic (4812-a-clearinghouse_SurveyNOU.doc)
Chinese (4812-c-clearinghouse_3605.pdf)
Chinese (4812-c-clearinghouse_3605c2.pdf)
Chinese (4812-c-clearinghouse_coverletter.pdf)
Chinese (4812-c-clearinghouse_survey-others.pdf)
Chinese (4812-c-clearinghouse_SurveyNOU.pdf)
English (4812-e-clearinghouse_3605.pdf)
English (4812-e-clearinghouse_3605c1.pdf)
English (4812-e-clearinghouse_3605c2.pdf)
English (4812-e-clearinghouse_reprev3.pdf)
English (4812-e-clearinghouse_UserSurvey.rtf)
French (4812-f-clearinghouse_3605c1.pdf)
French (4812-f-clearinghouse_SurveyNOU.doc)
French (4812-f-clearinghouse_SurveyOthers.doc)
Spanish (4812-s-clearinghouse_3605.pdf)
Spanish (4812-s-clearinghouse_3605c1.pdf)
Spanish (4812-s-clearinghouse_survey-others.pdf)
Spanish (4812-s-clearinghouse_SurveyNOU.doc)
Spanish (4812-s-clearinghouse_SurveyNOU.pdf)
 Description The only information clearinghouse to facilitate technology transfer to developing countries under a multilateral environmental agreement (MEA) that has entered the compliance period, has been independently evaluated after 10 years of operation. This independent review of the clearinghouse function implemented by UNEP under the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol has been carried out as part of the Fund's 2001 Monitoring and Evaluation Work Programme. The evaluation report was presented to, and noted by, the Fund's Executive Committee at its 36th meeting (Montreal, 20-22 March 2002). UNEP is pleased to provide the complete report (including corrigenda), detailed user survey results, and forms used to conduct the survey. The evaluation addresses the following key issues: Effectiveness and impact of services provided: What are the main activities and outputs of the Clearing-House? Who is using it and for what purpose? What types of information are the users now looking for, and how they would like to receive this information? Linkages and Partnerships: Are industries in non-Article 5(1) and Article 5(1) countries cooperating in providing and using information? To what extent do other implementing agencies, including bilateral agencies, coordinate and collaborate with UNEP in planning and using clearing house activities? Accountability and continuous improvement: What are the monitoring and reporting mechanisms in place? How can feedback from users be better solicited and used for continuous improvement of the services? Resources: What are the financial and the staff resources used? Is the funding level proportionate to the level of activities undertaken? The evaluation team (consisting of the Fund's Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and two consultant firms, Cullbridge Marketing and Communications and Lura Consulting) gathered data in three steps: Review of existing documentation and discussions with staff of the Multilateral Fund Secretariat and UNEP Thirty-four interviews with ozone officers and other users at the regional network meeting of English-speaking Caribbean countries in Guyana and at the occasion of the 35 th Meeting of the Executive Committee in Montreal, in November and December 2001 respectively Questionnaires for NOUs and other users which were completed by 37 NOUs and 42 other users. UNEP views the evaluation as not simply an assessment of our past performance in delivering non-investment information services to developing (Article 5) countries, but as an opportunity to learn from the past and help us plan a vision of what UNEP should be doing in the future to better assist those countries during the compliance period. The evaluation and its recommendations also provide valuable lessons for technology transfer clearinghouses being operationalized under other MEAs. As a provider of need-based services, UNEP believes that one of the most important findings of the evaluation is the feedback from developing countries, particularly National Ozone Units (NOUs) - our primary clients. We take seriously what the NOUs have said about our clearinghouse and we will respond to the issues that they raised during 2002 and beyond. UNEP will work with the Fund's Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to follow-up to the recommendations of the evaluation report. UNEP sincerely thanks the National Ozone Units and other users of the clearinghouse who took their valuable time to provide comments and input to the clearinghouse evaluation.
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