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Publication details
 Title Ozone protection, Climate change, Energy efficiency: Montreal - Kyoto
 Author Author not indicated
 Pages 50
 Language English
 Publication date 18/11/2008
 Publication type Report
 Sector Refrigeration
 Online version English (6241-e-industria_formazione_special_issue_2.pdf)
 Description The second in a series of special international issues of the magazine "Industria & Formazione" featuring articles on the interlinkages between ozone protection, climate change and energy efficiency written by internationally-renown experts in industry, government, NGOs and science. This magazine was produced by the Centro Studi Galileo in cooperation with UNEP's OzonAction Programme, the International Institute of Refrigeration, and the Associazione dei Tecnici del Freddo, under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of the Environment. The magazine was released at the 20th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (Doha, Qatar, 16-20 November 2008). The articles include: * Working together with the major experts towards “the future of refrigeration”: XIII European Conference (Marco Buoni - Secretary Associazione dei Tecnici Italiani del Freddo - ATF, Didier Coulomb - Director International Institute of Refrigeration - IIR, Rajendra Shende - Head, OzonAction, UNEP DTIE, Paris) * Convenient Opportunity to Address an Inconvenient Truth (Rajendra Shende) * Refrigeration for Sustainable Development. History and Challenges (Didier Coulomb) * Trends in Commercial Refrigeration (Pietro Asinari, Marco Masoero, Michele Calì - Department of Energetics DENER - Politecnico di Torino - Italy) * Heat pumps using natural working fluids: an environmental friendly solution (Alberto Cavallini, Davide Del Col, Claudio Zilio Dipartimento di Fisica Tecnica - University of Padova) * Ground-source heat pumps (Hermann Halozan - Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of technology) * Phase-out of HCFCs: impact on air-conditioning and refrigeration systems operating on R22 (Patrick Antoine - President Association Française du Froid AFF, Guy-Noel Dupré - Uniclima) * Refrigerant Use and Emission Reduction in the U.S.: 2008 (Mark Menzer, Xudong Wang - AHRI Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) * Development Trends of Ammonia Refrigeration Technology (Yang Yifan, Hu Wangyang - Chinese Association of Refrigeration) * Solar cooling with small-size absorption chillers: different solutions for summer air conditioning (Francesco Asdrubali, Giorgio Baldinelli, Andrea Presciutti - University of Perugia - Department of Industrial Engineering Section of Applied Physics - Italy) * Solar Cooling in the Unit for Development of Solar Equipments (A. Chikouche, S. El Metnani, A. Benhabiles, B. Abbad - Bou-Ismail, Wilaya de Tipaza -Algeria) * Sustainable Refrigeration (Paul Homsy - Nestlé) * Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature (Peter Egolf - University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland)
Centro Studi Galileo, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) DTIE OzonAction Branch, Italian Ministry of the Environment, Associazione dei Tecnici del Freddo,
Address via Alessandria, 12, Casale Monferrato 15033
0142 452403
0142 452471
Email buoni@centrogalileo.it
Web http://www.centrogalileo.it

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