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Publication details
 Title Transition to CFC-free Inhalers package for National Ozone Units
 Author United Nations Environment Prorgamme, National Asthma Council Australia
 Pages 28
 Language English
 Publication date 01/07/2009
 Publication type
 Sector General awareness
 Online version English (6302-e-Awareness_package_contents.pdf)
English (6302-e-Awareness_package_instructions.pdf)
English (6302-e-Consumer_brochure_for_patients.pdf)
English (6302-e-Draft_question_and_answer_sheet.doc)
English (6302-e-Information_statement_for_health_professionals.pdf)
English (6302-e-Presentation_for_health_industry.ppt)
 Description This awareness package aims to assist National Ozone Units (NOUs) and other key national stakeholders in developing countries to develop appropriate materials to ensure the seamless transition of CFC-Free inhalers in each country.
United Nations Environment Prorgamme, National Asthma Council Australia
Address Regional Network Coordinator UNEP/SIDA Project on CFCs, UN Building, Rajdamnern Avenue, Bangkok 10200
(662) 288 2128
Email atul.bagai@unep.org

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