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Publication details
 Title Implementation Manual for the Ozzy Ozone Campaign
 Author UNEP
 ISBN 878-92-807-3068-5
 Pages 0
 Language English
 Publication date 01/09/2010
 Publication type
 Sector General awareness
 Online version English (7441-e-Implementation_Manual.pdf)
 Description This implementation manual represents one more step in a long-term commitment by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to help the world become more informed about the importance of protecting our ozone layer, and to better understand how we can contribute in our daily lives to ensure the complete phase out of the ODS by the established deadlines to save our Earth’s natural protecting shield and help to diminish the impacts of climate change. This publication is part of the ongoing Ozzy Ozone awareness campaign launched in 2004 by the OzonAction Branch of the UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) in an effort to alert the world community about ozone layer depletion and to encourage people to take action to protect it and reverse the negative trends.
United Nations Environment Programme
Address 15 rue Milan, 75009 Paris France
33 1 44 34 14 50
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