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 Title Out of the Maze Montreal Protocol, Climate Benefits and the Green Economy, OzonAction Special Issue 2010
 Author Author not indicated
 Pages 10
 Language English-Arabic-Chinese-French-Russian-Spanish
 Publication date 01/11/2010
 Publication type Newsletter
 Sector Multiple sectors
 Online version not available
 Description The OzonAction Special Issue 2010 is available as Electronic book at: http://www.unep.fr/ozonaction/ebooks/oasi-2010-e/ --------- The OzonAction Special Issue is the mouthpiece of the Montreal Protocol, dedicated to stratospheric ozone protection and the implementation of the Montreal Protocol, providing the most recent information on ozone protection activities from industry, governments, NGOs, and international organisations. Special supplements are devoted to current topics of particular interest to Article 5 countries. The OzonAction Special Issue is the pre-eminent international news source dedicated to the protection of the ozone layer and implementation of the Montreal Protocol. This newsletter is produced by the UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme and financially supported by the Multilateral Fund. It is published annually and is available on-line in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The current subscriber base for English, French and Spanish is approximately 9,000 individuals. Another 6,000 subscribers combined receive the Chinese, Russian and Arabic versions of the newsletter. Many more individuals in the thousands download the electronic version of the newsletter from this web page. Publication Manager: Ms Samira de Gobert Publication Team: Ms Anne Fenner, Mr Ezra Clark, Mr Jim Curlin, Editor: Ms Catriona Child Our partners in the regions: Some of the non-English language versions of the newsletter are developed in cooperation with our colleagues in the regions. The translation, layout and dissemination throughout China for the Chinese version of the newsletter is made possible by the kind cooperation of the Ozone Unit of the State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). The Russian version is produced with the kind collaboration of the ECA Network. Contribution of news items: If you have ozone protection news that you would like to share with others, we would be pleased to consider it for inclusion in the next issue of the newsletter. Please send any news to: Samira de Gobert, Publication Manager, samira.degobert@unep.org Feedback: We encourage you to provide your feedback about the quality and content of the Newsletter. Evaluation of the Newsletter: The OzonAction Newsletter was one of UNEP's clearinghouse services that was independently evaluated as part of the Multilateral Fund's 2001 Monitoring and Evaluation Work Programme. The full text of the evaluation report is available on request. Subscriptions: The newsletter is provided free-of-charge to interested persons. If you would like to subscribe to the hardcopy version of the newsletter, please send an email to ozonaction@unep.org indicating (a) your name, title, organization, mailing address, country and postal code (b) which language version you would like to receive.
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