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 Title Customs and enforcement officers quick guide. Changes in the 2012 HS Nomenclature for HCFCs and certain other Ozone Depleting Substances
 Author UNEP
 Pages 0
 Language English-Russian
 Publication date 01/02/2012
 Publication type Factsheet
 Sector Customs
 Online version English (7532-e-2012_HS_Codes_for_ODS.pdf)
Russian (7532-r-2012_HS_Codes_for_ODS.pdf)
Russian (7532-r-customsandenforcementofficers'quickguide.pdf)
 Description Since the last Harmonized System (HS) revision in 2007, trade patterns in ozone depleting substances have changed with the complete phase-out of CFCs as of 1 January 2010 (except for a few exempted uses) and the increased trade in HCFCs and HFCs as replacement chemicals. HCFCs will be phased-out by 2020 in developed and by 2030 in developing countries. Recognising this, the Parties to the Montreal Protocol requested the World Customs Organization (WCO) to revise the HS codes for HCFCs. Following this request, the Council of the WCO recommended to the Contracting Parties to the HS Convention to amend heading 29.03 of Chapter 29 with the objective of assigning specific 6-digit HS codes to the five most commonly used HCFCs, and at the same time deleting individual HS codes previously assigned to CFCs. The HS Contract Parties amended the HS code and it entered into force on 1 January 2012. As of that date, HCFCs and certain other ODS have been separately identified in the HS. This 4-page Quick Guide provides key information related to these new classifications and briefly explains the changes.
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