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 Title Customs and enforcement officers - Monitoring trade in HCFCs - Information note
 Author Author not indicated
 Pages 16
 Language English-Russian
 Publication date 01/04/2012
 Publication type Factsheet
 Sector Refrigeration
 Online version English (7559-e-Monitoring_trade_in_HCFCs.pdf)
Russian (7559-r-Monitoring_trade_in_HCFCs.pdf)
 Description The information provided at training courses which cover ozone layer depletion, Montreal Protocol provisions, ODS dentification and illegal trade in ODS will therefore be updated and revised. This new information concerns: new observations demonstrating the links between ozone layer depletion and climate change; the new approach taken by the Parties to the Montreal Protocol with regard to HCFC phase-out schedules; the forthcoming phase-out date for Methyl Bromide; new possibilities for ODS identification; and new methods of ODS smuggling.
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