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 Title Training Manual for Customs and Enforcement Officers -THIRD EDITION Saving the Ozone Layer: Phasing Out Ozone Depleting Substances in Developing Countries
 Author Author not indicated
 ISBN 978-92-807-3295-5
 Pages 218
 Language English-Russian
 Publication date 18/12/2013
 Publication type Booklet
 Sector Customs
 Online version English (7571-e-CTM_Third_Edition.pdf)
Russian (7571-r-CTM_Third_Edition_2013_Russian.pdf)
 Description An essential tool in building the capacity of Customs Officers, The Training Manual for Customs Officers provides the necessary guidance and information to effectively monitor and facilitate the legal trade in ozone depleting substances and to combat their illegal trade. It presents information on the international policy context and an overview of the technical issues, including information on chemicals and products traded and how these may be smuggled. The manual is intended to be used in conducting training programmes for Customs Officers as well as serving as a stand-alone reference document. Now in its third edition, this version takes into account the developments in international trade and provides new material to reflect changes in the Montreal Protocol, Harmonised System codes, licensing systems and other relevant information since its original publication in 2001 and its second edition in 2008.
 Full text document http://www.unep.fr/ozonaction/information/mmcfiles/7571-e-CTM_Third_Edition.pdf
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