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Publication details
 Title Phasing-out Methyl Bromide in Developing Countries: A success story and its challenges
 Author UNEP OzonAction
 Pages 52
 Language English-French-Spanish
 Publication date 24/02/2014
 Publication type Booklet
 Sector Methyl bromide
 Online version English (7674-e-Phasing_out_Methyl_Bromide_in_developing_countries.pdf)
 Description This booklet addresses the efforts undertaken to phase-out Methyl Bromide in developing countries, the lessons learned and what is pending to reach final phase-out. It further analyses factors that may impact or put at risk the continuity of the phase-out and possible ways to mitigate them. It aims to promote the south-south and north-south-south cooperation, facilitate information exchange on advanced technologies for materials, varieties, rootstocks, etc. and raise awareness on risk of reversibility of MB uses and encourage policy to avoid it happening.
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