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 Title Informal Prior-Informed Consent (iPIC) - Supporting compliance through prevention of illegal and unwanted trade in ozone depleting substances - 2013
 Author Dr. Ezra Clark, Mr. Ruperto de Jesus
 Pages 20
 Language English
 Publication date 20/05/2014
 Publication type Report
 Sector Customs
 Online version English (7685-e-iPIC_Supporting_compliance_through_prevention_of_illegal_and_unwanted_trade_2013.pdf)
French (7685-f-iPIC_Supporting_compliance_through_prevention_of_illegal_and_unwanted_trade_2013.pdf)
 Description This summary report briefly describes how the iPIC system works as well as its advantages. It provides some information on the results and successes of monitoring and controlling illegal and unwanted trade in ODS through the iPIC mechanism in 2013 and encourages countries which are not yet members to join and to begin to reap the benefits of this initiative.
 Full text document http://www.unep.fr/ozonaction/information/mmcfiles/7685-e-iPIC_Supporting_compliance_through_prevention_of_illegal_and_unwanted_trade_2013.pdf
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