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Code: AR-5
Safety First: Technical guide for the safe handling of hydrocarbons propellants
While most large enterprises that manufacture aerosol products have stopped using CFCs in their manufacturing lines consistent with the Montreal Protocol obligations, there is still a real need for small and medium scale aerosol companies to understand the safety considerations related to the conversion of their plants to alternative propellants. This manual provides plant managers and National Ozone Units with critical information related to the safe conversion of aerosol plants to non-CFC propellants, specifically hydrocarbons. The guide presents detailed information about safety, formula adaptations, and effective destenching methods for aerosol production using hydrocarbon aerosol propellants (HAPs).

Language: English
Type of publication: Booklet
Online version: English (4487-e-safetyfirst.pdf - 11,618 Kb)
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ISBN: 92-807-2162-3
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Code: TB-5
Protecting the Ozone Layer Volume 5: Aerosols, Sterilants, Carbon Tetrachloride and Miscellaneous Uses
Knowing the technology options: aerosols. Summarises the current uses of ODS in various sectors, the availability of substitutes and the technological and economic implications of converting to ODS-free technology. The report, first published in 1992, has been updated based on the 1998 reports from UNEPís Technical Options Committees (TOCs) and includes further information from the TOCs until 2000 to keep abreast of technological progress and to better reflect the present situation.

Language: English
Type of publication: Report
Online version: English (2337-e.pdf - 603 Kb)

275 pp.
Training Workshop on Safety Aspects of CFC Substitution, Workshop Report, Full Version with Presentation Texts, Hangzhou, China, 22-24 May 1996
The Training Workshop on Safety Aspects of CFC Substitution for China was approved at the 18th meeting of the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund, as a response to the urgent need for development and implementation of regulations and safety procedures, at a national and enterprise level, to ensure safe production after conversion to non-ozone depleting substance technologies. The workshop was intended to initiate the activities to address these needs.

Language: English
Type of publication: Conference proceedings
Online version: English (3255-e-chinasafety.pdf - 3,977 Kb)

37 pp.
Protecting the Ozone layer, Volume 5, Aerosols, Carbon Tetrachloride, and Miscellaneous Uses

Language: Russian
Type of publication: Report
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ISBN: 92-807-1585-2
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Code: ARS-4
Sourcebook of Technologies for Protecting the Ozone Layer, Aerosols, Sterilants, Miscellaneous Uses and Carbon Tetrachloride
Where to source the technologies: aerosols. A guide to sources of technologies, equipment and products that reduce or eliminate ODS in aerosol, sterilants, miscellaneous uses and carbon tetrachloride applications. This is part of a 6-volume Sourcebook series designed to help Article 5 countries with identifying and selecting appropriate technical options.

Language: English
Type of publication: Report
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Code: ARS-3
Aerosol Sector Conversion in Action
How others converted: practical examples. Twelve technical case studies that address plant conversions to alternative technologies, including hydrocarbon aerosol propellants (HAP), manual pumps and DME propellants. Covers all sizes of enterprise, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large scale facilities. Companies are located in China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritius, Mexico, Russian Federation, and Venezuela.

Language: English
Type of publication: Case study
Online version: English (4055-e.pdf - 2,429 Kb)
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Regional Training Course on Aerosol Conversion, Final Report, 22-24 March 1994, Amman, Jordan

Language: English
Type of publication: Conference proceedings
Online version: not available

60 pp.
ISBN: 92-807-1461-9
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Code: ARS-2
Aerosol Conversion Technology: Handbook
How to convert to ozone friendly technologies: aerosols. Complements UNEPís series of technical reference publications and guidelines. It provides more information for the aerosol industry to further assess, select and implement alternative technologies for the aerosol sector.

Language: English
Type of publication: Training material
Online version: not available
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