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HCFCs in the Foam Sector: How to prepare for the phase down
UNEP DTIE OzonAction has come out with two new flyers to provide stakelholders with a general overview and basic information on HCFC phaseout. The flyer addresses HCFCs in the foam sector. The flyers are available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Language: English-Chinese-French-Spanish-Russian
Type of publication: Flyer
Online version: Chinese (7638-c-Flyer_HCFC_foam.pdf - 825 Kb)
English (7638-e-Flyer_HCFC_foam.pdf - 660 Kb)
French (7638-f-Flyer_HCFC_foam.pdf - 600 Kb)
Russian (7638-r-Flyer_HCFC_foam.pdf - 368 Kb)
Spanish (7638-s-Flyer_HCFC_foam.pdf - 613 Kb)

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Guidance on the Process for Selecting Alternatives to HCFCs in Foams - Sourcebook on technology options for safeguarding the ozone layer and the global climate system
The document gives a brief introduction and description of the concerned sub-sectors and available technology options, as per the findings and recommendations based on the findings of the Foam Technical Options Committee and covering all of the uses of HCFCs in the manufacture of flexible and rigid foams. Guidance is also provided on how an enterprise in a developing country should select alternatives to HCFCs, with particular emphasis on minimizing the climate impact, including a practical and simplified methodology for assessing the climate impact of alternatives as compared to HCFCs as well as sourcing information for commercially-available technology.

Language: English
Type of publication: Booklet
Online version: English (7435-e-foam__.pdf - 5,733 Kb)

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ISBN: 92-807-2161-5
Price: US$ 30
Code: TB-4
Protecting the Ozone Layer Volume 4: Foams
Knowing the technology options: foams. Summarises the current uses of ODS in the foams sector, the availability of substitutes and the technological and economic implications of converting to ODS-free technology. The report, first published in 1992, has been updated based on the 1998 reports from UNEPís Technical Options Committees (TOCs) and includes further information from the TOCs until 2000 to keep abreast of technological progress and to better reflect the present situation.

Language: English
Type of publication: Report
Online version: English (2336-e.pdf - 402 Kb)
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Protecting the Ozone layer, Volume 4, Foams

Language: Russian
Type of publication: Report
Online version: not available

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ISBN: 92-807-1430-9
Price: US$ 85
Code: FOA-2
Sourcebook of Technologies for Protecting the Ozone Layer: Flexible and Rigid Foams
Where to source the technologies: foams. A guide to sources of technologies, equipment and products that reduce or eliminate ODS in foam applications. This is part of a 6-volume Sourcebook series designed to help Article 5 countries with identifying and selecting appropriate technical options.

Language: English
Type of publication: Report
Online version: English (1350-e.pdf - 1,293 Kb)
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Code: FOA-1
Foam Sector Technology in Use
How others did it: Foams. Six technical case studies addressing the polyurethane (appliance, flexible, block, panel) and phenolic (block) subsectors. Alternative technologies include carbon dioxide, HCFC-141b, pentanes and HFC-134a.

Language: English
Type of publication: Case study
Online version: English (3152-e.pdf - 2,736 Kb)
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Code: REF-7
Cyclopentane: A Blowing Agent for Polyurethane Foams for Insulation in Domestic Refrigerator-Freezers
Blowing hotÖ blowing cold. A technical information paper that compares cyclopentane with other alternatives as a foam blowing agent. Includes discussion of availability of cyclopentane systems and equipment, its implementation status in developed countries, safety considerations, costs for conversions from CFC-11 to cyclopentane, literature abstracts and contacts for suppliers.

Language: English
Type of publication: Report
Online version: English (3141-e.pdf - 2,794 Kb)
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