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Training programme for the refrigeration servicing sector (Phase III)

Training in good service practices of approximately 3,000 technicians (working in over 120 workshops) servicing different types of refrigeration equipment (domestic, commercial - including supermarkets, industrial units for the food and agricultural sector), and establishing a certification and qualification system for trained technicians to guarantee the application of good practices learned during training. Specific activities include: establishment of a qualification and certification programme for servicing and management of ODS; further adjustment of existing training materials to suit local requirements; development and implementation of a regulatory framework to support CFC phase-out in the refrigeration sector; and monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of the programme
Country: Argentina
Network: LAC South America
Project Type: Training
Sector: Refrigeration
Sub-sector: Training programme/workshop
Approval / start date: 12/1/2000
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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