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Transition strategy for phasing out use of CFCs in the manufacturing of MDIs

The Government is proposing to implement the transition strategy with adequate awareness activities for enhancing MDI use and regulations aligned to the phase-out timing by the industry. The main elements of the strategy include: implementing the investment project to phase out CFCs used for the production of MDIs by the three locally-owned manufacturing enterprises; designing and implementing regulations to facilitate the phase-out of CFCs used in the production of MDIs and also to promote the adoption of non-CFC alternatives; implementing awareness and capacity building among relevant stakeholders on the adoption of CFC-free alternatives; and designing and implementing monitoring and verification protocols to confirm and report on status of CFC phase-out in the MDI subsector.
Country: Bangladesh
Network: South Asia
Project Type: Technical assistance
Sector: Aerosol
Sub-sector: Metered dose inhalers
Approval / start date: 7/1/2007
Status: Ongoing
Project Category: Multilateral Fund


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