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Complement for country programme preparation

The action plan has the following objectives: phase-out of 90% of CFC by 1997 and 100% by 2009; complete phase-out of halon-1211 and carbon tetrachloride by 1995. The total cost of actions required to phase-out is estimated at US $7.7 million. The Government proposes the following actions: discourage and ban import of CFC based refrigerators; provide incentives for import of non-ODS refrigerators; establish licensing system for servicing refrigeration companies; training of service technicians in the refrigeration sector; ban import of solvent ODS; survey on essential uses of halons; registration of ODS users; and mandatory reporting of ODS imports.
Country: Mauritius
Network: AFR English
Project Type: Country programme preparation
Sector: Several
Sub-sector: Country programme/country survey
Approval / start date: 3/1/1993
Status: Completed
Project Category: Multilateral Fund
UNEP Office: ROA


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