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Chemical Data Sheet
Common name: HCFC-124
Chemical name: Monochlorotetrafluoroethane
Other names:
Formula: C2HF4Cl
HS code: --2903.49
CAS number: 2837-89-0
UN number: 1021
Substance controlled under: Montreal Protocol
Montreal Protocol control schedule for this substance: Annex C Group I
ODP:  0.02-0.04
GWP:  620
Atmospheric lifetime (years):  

Trade names of chemical products containing this substance:
(including pure substances and blends)
  Arcton 409A - INEOS Fluor
Asahiklin AK-124 - Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.
Di 24 - Ausimont SPA
Di 36 - Ausimont SPA
FE-241 - DuPont Fluoroproducts
Forane 124 - ARKEMA SA
Forane 409A - ARKEMA SA
Forane FX 56 - ARKEMA SA
Forane FX 57 - ARKEMA SA
FRIGC - IGC Intermagnetics General
FRIGC FR-12 - Intermagnetics General
FRIGC FR-12 - CFC Refimax, LLC
Genetron 124 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genetron 409A - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genetron MP39 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genetron MP66 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
GHG-X4 - People's Welding Supply
HCFC-124 - InterCool Energy Corporation
Hot Shot - ICOR International (formerly Indianapolis Refrigeration Co. Inc.)
Meforex 124 - Ausimont SPA
NAF P III - Safety Hi-Tech srl
NAF P-III - North American Fire Guardian
NAF S III - Safety Hi-Tech srl
NAF S-III - North American Fire Guardian
Oxyfume 2000 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Oxyfume 2002 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
R414b - ALLTEMP Products Company Limited
Solkane 409A - Solvay Fluor GMBH
Suva 124 - DuPont Fluoroproducts
Suva MP39 - DuPont Fluoroproducts
Suva MP52 - DuPont Fluoroproducts
Suva MP66 - DuPont Fluoroproducts

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