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Chemical Data Sheet
Common name: HFC-152a
Chemical name: 1,1-difluoroethane
Other names: R-152a
Formula: C2H4F2
HS code:
CAS number: 75-37-6
UN number:
Substance controlled under: Kyoto Protocol
Montreal Protocol control schedule for this substance: Not applicable
Applications: Propellant for specialised industrial aerosols, Blowing agent component for extruded polystyrene foams (XPSS)
GWP:  140
Atmospheric lifetime (years):  

Trade names of chemical products containing this substance:
(including pure substances and blends)
  Asahifron R-152a - Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.
Asahifron R-500 - Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.
Cooltop R-134a Replacement Refrigerant - People's Welding Supply
Daiflon 500 - Daikin Industries Ltd.
Dymel 152a - DuPont-Mitsui Fluorochemicals Co. Ltd
Flon Showa 500 - Showa Denko K.K.
Forane 500 - ARKEMA SA
Formacel Z2 - DuPont-Mitsui Fluorochemicals Co. Ltd
Frigen 500 - Solvay Fluor GMBH
G2015 - Greencool
G2018A - Greencool
G2018B - Greencool
G2018C - Greencool
Genetron 152a - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genetron 500 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genetron 500 - Quimobasicos s.a. de c.v.
Genetron MP39 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genetron MP66 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Greencool 411B - Greencool
HFC-152a - Daikin Industries Ltd.
HFC-152a - Changshu 3F Refrigerant Plant
ISCEON 500 - Rhodia
NARM-502 - Moncton Refrigerants
R415a - Dongyue Chemical Co. Ltd.
Solkane 152a - Solvay Fluor GMBH
Solkane XG87 - Solvay Fluor GMBH
Suva MP39 - DuPont Fluoroproducts
Suva MP52 - DuPont Fluoroproducts
Suva MP66 - DuPont Fluoroproducts

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