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Chemical Data Sheet
Common name: HFC-23
Chemical name: Trifluoromethane
Other names: R-23
Formula: CHF3
HS code:
CAS number: 75-46-7
UN number:
Substance controlled under: Kyoto Protocol
Montreal Protocol control schedule for this substance: Not applicable
Applications: By-product in production of HCFC-22, low temperature refrigerant, firefighting agent
GWP:  11 700
Atmospheric lifetime (years):  

Trade names of chemical products containing this substance:
(including pure substances and blends)
  FE-13 - DuPont Fluoroproducts
Forane 503 - ARKEMA SA
Forane FX 220 - ARKEMA SA
Genetron 23 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genetron 503 - Quimobasicos s.a. de c.v.
Genetron 503 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
HFC-23 - Daikin Industries Ltd.
Klea 23 - INEOS Fluor
Klea 508 - INEOS Fluor
Klea-5R3 - INEOS Fluor
NARM-502 - Moncton Refrigerants
Solkane 23 - Solvay Fluor GMBH
Suva 95 - DuPont Fluoroproducts

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