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Chemical Data Sheet
Common name: Methane
Chemical name: Methane
Other names: R-50
Formula: CH4
HS code:
CAS number: 74-82-8
UN number:
Substance controlled under: Kyoto Protocol
Montreal Protocol control schedule for this substance: Not applicable
GWP:  21
Atmospheric lifetime (years):  

Trade names of chemical products containing this substance:
(including pure substances and blends)
  Bromo Chloromethane - Sonal Plastrub Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Purecha Group)
Bromochloromethane - Tedia Company Inc.
Bromochloromethane - Albemarle Corporation
Bromochloromethane - Alfa Aesar/Avocado Organics (a Johnson Matthey Company)
Bromochloromethane (BCM) - Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
Bromothcloromethane - technical - Albemarle Corporation
Genesolv 2004 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
Genesolv 2127 - Honeywell (formerly Allied-Signal Inc.)
HyperClean Circuit Cleaner - Micro Care Corp
SPCC2 - Protocol Resource Management Inc.

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