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What's the Ozone Layer - Video


What's the ozone layer?

© Japan's Save the ozone Network (JASON)
Date: 2007

4 minutes 20 seconds

During the Regional Ozone Quiz, held from 20-21 August 2007, in Bangkok, Thailand, UNEP ROAP had invited Japan's Save the Ozone Network (JASON) to be part of various activities, including teaching the students how to sing "What's the Ozone Layer?" song. At the award ceremony, JASON performed this song with the students from 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region who had participated in the competition.

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Writer: Yumiko Hagi (JASON)
Composer: Yumiko Hagi (JASON) Junko Tamiya
Arrangements: Hironobu Urata
Writer (in English): Donald Raymond Beaver Jr., Nahoko Tamura, Eriko Yoshioka, Yoriko Yokoya, Yumido Hagi (JASON)

UNEP would like to thank JASON and the students who particpated in the Regional Quiz.

  Regional Ozone Quiz video
JASON "What's the Ozone Layer?" Song
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