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Customs Training materials and information resources to support customs officers in their work to enforce national licensing systems for ozone depleting substances, fight illegal trade in those chemicals, and to facilitate legal trade in replacement chemicals.



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E-learning module for customs officers

World Customs OrganizationUNEP OzonAction and the World Customs Organization are jointly developing an e-learning course devoted to the enforcement of the Montreal Protocol, which regulates the international trade of Ozone Depleting Substances. This new module, which will be launched later in 2009, will be based on the contents of the updated UNEP Training Manual for Customs Officers and reflect WCO's expertise in developing and delivering online training to customs officers worldwide. This collaboration is being undertaken within the framework of an ongoing agreement between the two organisations to cooperate in capacity building of customs officers to faciliate legal trade in ODS and to fight illegal trade in those substances. This initiave is also under the auspices of the Green Customs Initiative, to which it is linked.


UNEP training materials for customs officers

Below are the latest training materials produced by the Compliance Assistance Programme of the OzonAction Branch. The training manual for customs officers comes in CD ROM format and contains complementary elements to facilitate the conduct of training workshops. It also comes with a DVD containing all the videos referred to in the manual.

The contents of the CD ROM and DVD can also be viewed and downloaded from this page. These materials will be periodically updated to reflect the ongoing developments in the fight agains illegal ODS trade. We encourage you to consult this page regularly for the latest updates.

Customs Manual 2nd Edition
Training Manual for Customs Officers: Saving the Ozone Layer - Phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances in Developing Countries - Second Edition

This second edition takes into account the developments in the international trade and provides new material to reflect the changes in the Montreal Protocol, Harmonised System codes, licensing systems and other relevant information since it's original publication in 2001.

Source: UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme

Customs Poster
Customs Poster

The Customs Poster is included in the hard copy version of the Customs training manual. The poster serves as an easy reference for customs officers as it provides a short checklist of what to do particularly when inspecting ODS shipment. It also carries the Customs Quick Tool to facilitate screening of ODS. We suggest that the poster be displayed prominently, especially in border offices through which ODS shipments are known or suspected to pass/transit.

The electronic version can be downloaded from this site. The section for "Useful Contacts" can be modified using any image editing programme to enable the national customs authority and relevant stakeholders to add their logos and contact details.

Source: UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme

Customs Quick Tool Customs Officers Quick Tool For Screening ODS

A poster for the offices of customs officials that highlights the controlled ozone depleting substances, based on a poster designed by the UNEP ROWA CAP team.

| French | Spanish

Source: UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme

Overhead slides CustomsTraining - Overhead Slides
A complete series of overhead slides that can be used during training workshops for customs officers on controlling and monitoring ODS . National trainers may modify certain slides to adapt it to the national or regional context.
Source: UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme

Customs Generic Training Elements Generic Customs Training Elements
These generic documents help facilitate the prepraration of training workshops for customs officers. The trainer and organisers of the workshop can adapt the proposed text to the national context.
  1. Customs Training Concept Note
  2. Phase I training - 3-day agenda
  3. Phase II training - 1-day agenda
  4. Phase I & II training - 5-day agenda
  5. Agenda for briefing high level customs executives
  6. Break out session
  7. Break out session report form
  8. Certificate of participation
  9. Evaluation questionnaire
  10. Case studies for customs inspectors
Source: UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme

Trade Names of Chemicals containing Ozone Depleting Substances and their Alternatives
A worldwide database of the commercial trade names of chemical products containing ozone depleting chemicals -including HCFCs - controlled under the Montreal Protocol. This service is designed to help customs officials and National Ozone Units control imports and exports of these chemicals and prevent their illegal trade.
Source: UNEP DTIE's OzonAction Programme

Nothing to Declare: Good Customs to Save the Ozone Layer
A video that introduces customs officers to the reality of the illegal trade and to preventative measures that can be taken. The video is intended for use in training programmes and includes comprehensive listings of ODS, their container types and smuggling examples. Undercover footage, ODS abuse and analysis by experts provide a thorough grounding in a critically important environmental crime.
Source: UNEP DTIE's OzonAction Programme

Training materials available from other organisationsc
CEC customs training website

Online Customs Training module - Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC)External link
[Note: this link will be activated soon]

This training was developed by the CEC Secretariat, with input by UNEP OzonAction and others. The CEC was established under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) to address environmental issues in North America from a continental perspective, with a particular focus on those arising in the context of liberalized trade. Available in French, English and Spanish.
Source: Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Studies and reports on illegal ODS tradec
Illegal Trade in ODS special supplement
Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances: is there a Hole in the Montreal Protocol?
This special supplement to the OzonAction Newsletter raises awareness about the problem of illegal trade in ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCs. Contributed articles from government, academic and NGO experts from developed and developing countries explore the complexities of illegal ODS trade and offer recommendations for actions to solve this problem.
Source: UNEP DTIE's OzonAction Programme

An Unwelcome Encore - The Illegal trade in HCFCs
An Unwelcome Encore - The Illegal trade in HCFCs External link
An Environmental Investigation Agency report
Source: Environmental Investigation Agency

Phase out schedule
Green Customs Initiative
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