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Data reporting

The success of multilateral environmental agreements – including the Montreal Protocol – is based on Parties reporting data accurately and on time.

Reliable and timely data from all Parties on the production and consumption of ozone depleting substances permit decision-makers at the national and international levels to formulate appropriate control measures, devise realistic phase-out strategies, and provide the necessary financial and technical assistance required by developing countries.

Data reporting is also crucial for all Parties, not only for fulfilling their external obligations under the Protocol, but also internally for verifying their position vis-à-vis their national strategies to phase out ozone depleting substances. It should therefore be viewed as a useful tool, not simply as a requirement.

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Looking for help with Data Reporting?

Looking for help?In addition to the information resources above, UNEP provides personalised, direct assistance to National Ozone Units (NOUs) to help them comply with reporting data required under Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol and Country Programmes.

UNEP's Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) staff regularly consult NOUs to identify data reporting problems and provide appropriate solutions. Developing countries in actual or potential non-compliance according to their reported Article 7 data are the priority.

The expected result is that all client countries report Article 7 data by the established deadlines and the quality of reported data is improved.

If you are an Ozone Officer and need data reporting assistance, please contact the CAP Regional Network Coordinator in your region or other Implementing Agencies.

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