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Looking for help with Policy, Enforcement or Customs?

Need help?UNEP helps developing countries with policies and legislation needed to comply with their various commitments under the Montreal Protocol. We provide National Ozone Units (NOUs) and other stakeholders, e.g. customs officers, with the following assistance:

  • Information clearinghouse services, including videos, publications, newsletters, e-news
  • Customs training and capacity building activities
  • Direct assistance for design, implementation and enforcement of specific policies, such as import-export licensing systems, import bans, economic incentives, etc.

This assistance is provided through the three Policy and Enforcement Officers (for policies and legislation) and the three Refrigerant Management Plan Officers (for customs training) in UNEP's Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP). Regional Network Coordinators and Information Clearinghouse staff also provide support.

If you are an Ozone Officer or other stakeholder and you need help with policies, legislation or customs, please contact the CAP Regional Network Coordinator in your region or the staff of the other Multilateral Fund Implementing Agencies (see contacts at right).


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Role of customs in the protection of the ozone layer, article in Eco Cool Bulletin for Refrigeration Technicians, September 2007
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