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"A Little Gasoline Campaign" For Volkswagen
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Description / Synopsis

A jar with paint brushes in it. The jar is used to clean the paint brushes. The jar has just enough gasoline to cover and clean the brushes. The text indicates that you can drive 23 KM with this small amount of gasoline in a Volkswagen Lupo. You can drive 17 km on the gas used for the flame. Or, you can drive for 2 km with the fuel in a lighter

Title"A Little Gasoline Campaign"
AgencyDDB Paris
Brand NameVolkswagen
Product NameLupo 3L
Date of First Publication 01/01/1999
Country of ProductionFrance
Awards -Epica, 1999 (Winner) for Automotive
Art Director: Sébastien Vacherot
Copywriter: Manoëlle Van der vaeren
Creative Director: Christian Vince
Photographer: Sébastien Vacherot