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"Misunderstanding" For The United Nations
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Description / Synopsis

The people of a farmer's village walk in procession along a road. Country people that see them passing take hats off.
Super: We are celebrating a funeral.
They stop. A woman throws to the ground a fistful of wheat seeds.
Super: To hunger
Farmers sow
Super: We nourish hope


The first World Food Summit of the United Nations was set to reduce the number of people suffering from hunger from 800 million to 400 million by 2015. Unfortunately, the objectives seemed difficult to obtain as the progress was slower than expected. The World Food Summit of 2002 was set to reaffirm the pledges and to gain more means to fight hunger. The public opinion did not really think about the problem of hunger anymore, and whenever it did , was rather pessimistic about the possibility of eradicating hunger. A pro-bono campaign was needed to raise awareness again and show a positive way forward to bring a new inpulse to solutions: giving the means of food production rather than the food itself.


The agency solution was to focus the communication on a very strong icon that could both raise awareness on the problem of hunger and show concrete way forward. This icon was the hand throwing something. It could be interpreted at first as throwing ground to a burial and therefore raise awareness that hunger keeps killing people nowadays. It could be interpreted then as throwing seeds in a field, that is to say as sewing seeds, bringing a message of hope and bringing the way forward. The strenght of the message was that the icon found linked death and life together in just one gesture: a symbol of dispair and hope at the same time. Depending on the help that each individual would be willing to bring. This enabled to bring forward the message that hunger was still a devastating problem, that could be tackled with concrete solutions, and concrete results, promoting again political support and fund raising.

Original Title"Equivoco"
AgencyPublicis srl
AdvertiserThe United Nations
Brand NameUnited Nations: Food & Agricultural Organization
Product NameWorld Food Summit
Original Product NameVertice Mondiale Sull'Alimentazione
Sustainability Themes Food, Agriculture & Fisheries
Date of First Publication 02/06/2002
Country of ProductionItaly
TaglineToday We'Re Celebrating A Funeral. Hunger R.I.P. We Nourish Hope
Original TaglineOggi Celebriamo Un Funerale. Quello Della Fame. Nutriamo La Speranza
Length60 seconds
Art Director: Pietro Lorusso
Copywriter: Simona Angioni
Director: Agostino Panini
Executive Creative Director: Alasdhair Hastie